Saturday, June 5, 2010


so yesterday was crazy busy i worked 10am-730pm and i wasnt feeling good all day like i felt really off and just blah and sick and i felt lik ei was gonna collapse at ne moment which isnt good when im at work part of the day at work was spent lifeguarding a bday paryt ugh i hate doing those the kids never listen and all i do is yell the hole fucking im surprised i still have a voice now a days. k heres the food log from yesteday best i can remeber

*bottle and half of water
*promgrante apple sauce

at work10am-730pm
*liter of water
*vitamin water 0(dont rmember what flavor)
*bottle of water
*sugar free jello cup
*2 pieces dried fruit
*cup of popcorn
*1 spoon of cake icing

dinner(date nite with boy)
*bottle and half of water
*small ceaser salad
*1 and half slices of silician pizza

now today was busy as well cause i had to work all day again i know i work way to much i cant help it though gotta stay busy i wish i had time to realx but i do so gotta do what u gotta do u know what i mean

*bottle of water
*promgrante apple sauce
*peach mango fruit bar
*few spoons of ice cream(need a li sugar to get thru my day

at work 9am-4pm
*liter of water
*vitamin water 0 acai blueberry promgrante
*bottle of water
*sugar free jellp cup
*1/2 cucumber
*cup of popcorn

at the gym
*bottle of water
*35 min elly level 5 distance 2.50 miles- 257 cals burned
*65 mins treadmill hill workout level 15 speed 3.0 3.12 miles- 336 cals burned

dinner(havent had yet but heres the plan)
*salad(lettuce, apple, dried fruit
*green beans

i will def drink more water today and mayb a cup or 2 of tea
i also took over 11,000 steps today which burned 290 cals

more books that i orderd from amazing came in yay so the ones that came in are:
*diary of an exercise addict- peach friedman
*next to nothing- carrie arnold
*hunger point-jillian medoff
*feeling for bones-bethany price
*unwell-leslie lipton


  1. oh i love vitamin water! i like kiwi-strawberry ^__^
    i have unwell on hold at the library and hunger point was a good movie. unfortunately i found out about the book a month after i saw the movie XD

    btw, do you know how to get it to email me when someone comments back on thier blog? you answered my comment on your last blog but it didnt email me :P

  2. o idk how to do the email thing i just check my blog when i update it to c if neone comments me

    i havent seen the movie for hungerpiont i will have to after i read it