Friday, June 25, 2010


ok so im sure if ppl saw this scene they would tihnk its funny and weird but really its normal for my family k picture me and my sis at 9am sitting in the kitches venting about fuck go knows what its just what we do with a hlaf gallon of cookies and cream ice cream open and eating it(well not all of it) and my aunt and mom joining in to we all have spoons and we are eating it all out on the container

ok that all started out with me i just finished straightening my hair and getting dress for work and i felt light headed and lil pukish so idecided to go downstairs and hav elike one or two spoons of ice cream jsut for al il sugar pick me up well it turned out that my sis came down too and we sat there just venting and talking and eating ice cream i had more then i wanted prob around 200 cals or so of it i kept digging out the oreos in it its my fav part. but it was fun me and my sis are close and we are so much alike thats its crazy ppl say they cant tell us apart on the phone the big difference is i have an ed and she doesnt but shes still small me my bro and sis are naturally on the smaller side im just smaller then them cause of my ed. but i love venting with my sis and we laugh and have fun well i did freak out after i realized i ate more ice cream then i watned to so i decded to not eat lunch and i didnt i just drank water at work

after work my sis wanted to go to the mall so i pucked her up and we went. we had a great time we spent mpore money then we had expected to but we jsutified it saying that we needed the stuff and kohls had great sales which it did. i got this cute dress, 2 shirts all from kohls. at this store called "strawberry" i got a shirt that is stripped and has lips on it and it says "my lips are sealed" fitting isnt it lol and then ar target i got a new pair of converse love converse.

my sis got a bunch of stuff that i plan on borrowing we still wear the same shirt size but not the same jean size so i cant borrow htose but i can borrow her shirts

its date nite with the boy it almost didnt happen cause hes sick and he told me to eat but then he called like 15 minutes later asking if i ate yet of course i didnt but he decided to change hes mind and that he didnt wanna stay home so we are going out in about an hour to eat hes friend might come with us as well

food log so far
*bottle of water
* ice cream(cookies and cream)- 200 ish

at work
*liter of water
*sobe life water0

at mall
*small promgrante lemonade-100 ish

* 2 come it all depnds on were we go but i will let u know what i get tomm

k heres the outfit for 2nite let me know what u guys think the shirt is one of the new ones that i got

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  1. haha sounds like you guys had fun! i love that shirt its so cute! <3