Saturday, June 26, 2010


date nite with the boy ended up going really well last nite. hes one freind came with us so it took the attention off of me for awhile we ended up going to red robin i love their fries so i didnt eat a few to many of those but i didnt gain i was still 104 this morning

date nite meal:
*1 mozzy stick
*few 2 many fries
*apple harvest salad no goat cheese dressing on the side

i didnt eat all of the salad of course i ate all the apples and walnuts out of it also like half of the chicken and a lil lettuce

we all ended up coming back to my house and watching" taken" again for the second time i love that movie its so good hes firend ended up falling alseep so it was just me and the boy curled up watching it

im so excited hes on vacation now so i get to c him everynite starting tomm yay for that only down side is i wont b able to get on here as much as i want to i will still check in after work b4 he comes over but i wont b on as much so i dont want u guys to worry i will b back on full force the week after we are also going away the 1st and 2nd on a lil mini vacation so i wont b on at all those day

so i had to work 9-1 2day and i was so tired that i was like dragging the hole time but i also tanned after real quick cause i have some bad tan lies from when i was outside last sunday yeah since i have heat exhaustion i havent been able to tan as much as i like but ima tan more now just to get the tan lines gone

afterwork and tanning i went to the gym yes finally allowed to work out again after a week of not wokring out i was suppose to take it easy and i only planne don running a mile or 2 on the treadmill um yeah i ended up running 4 miles once i start running i dont like to stop. i just gotta b careful with my leg so i have to tape up my right ankle and were my brace on my right knee it sucks i t does hurt to run but i deal with it its so worth it in the end o that reminds me i have to ice my ankle and knee yet.

after my lovely sweaty workout( ilove sweaty workouts they are the best tihng in my world) i went to the grocery store i needed a few things just to get me thru the next coupd of days. i dont wanna buy to much since i will b with the boy alot. i got:

* 5 bags frozen green beans(im addcited)
*low sugar maple borwn sugar oatmeal
*danon light and fit diabatic yogurt(45 cals per serving)
* bag of pretzel m&m's(im weight htem and make lil snack bags on of them like i did with my other stuff
*prepackaged chicken cranberry salad-lettuce, cranberries,walnuts,feta cheese, dressing( i wont eat all the dressing not even half and def wont eat the cheese)
*choc muffin(ran 4 miles at the gym fori could have it)

food log
* bottle of water
* 4 grapes
*1 apple slice
*3 spoons yogurt
*lil granola

at work 9-1pm
*large hot green peach tea
*liter of water

at the gym
*bottle of water
* ran 4 miles

*choc muffin
*liter of water

im def gonna work out more tonite prob will run in palce while keeping feet on the ground and prob crunches as well

the plan for tomm is to get up at 730am have a banana and take my vitamin acai pills and fat burn pills then go tot he gym and run for 30 minutes stop at work and tan then home to shower and get ready for my sis's graduation party

idk what iw ill have to eat there hopefully not much

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