Wednesday, June 30, 2010


its 5:22am yes and im awake and yes i will b awake all day today i have a million and one things to do and i don t even remember all that i have to do lovely huh lol ima sit down and make a list of what has to get down today and what i need to pack for tomm yay for tomm thank fucking god vacation is here i need away from work and my crazy ass family for awhile ugh

so the outfit i plan to wear tomm for the day is shorts and that green shirt that i showed u all its suppose to b nice during the day so i will b fine in that but at nite its suppose to drop in the 50's i had a dressed planned out but thats gonna change because last nite it was around the same temp as it will b tomm an di was cold in jeans a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie so yeah gotta figure out what im going to wear when we go out that nite

we went mini golfing yesterday i suaully suck at mini gold but i did pretty good and i beat him yay for that and the winner got a free italian ice so i got mango i didnt eat my salald for dinner like wasplanned i didnt eat nething for dinner excpet the italian ice my chest hurts alil bit soi hope i lost a lil bit fo weight

went to the mall again yesterday with my sister we are spedning as much time together as we can since shes leaving for college end of august and i wont get to c her yesterday we went to the new store called "strawberry" im addcited to that store its a amzing i got a "xoxo" purse oringannly $50 for $22 yay for that alwasy got this cuit pink stirpped tanktop for $5 and the all flowy ruffly mutili colores tank with crouched back for $14 adn a set of 5 heandbans for $3

while we were at the mall stopped at aunite annes they have thse new mixed lemondae drinks i got a small promgrante one its so yummy i think its my new fav thing i uaully have an intense fear of drinknig cals but i could drink that and b ok with it

also went to target after the amll i needed a new dufle bag for our trip its pink and pretty. there i got the eclipse illustrated mpovie guie, a new waller. this cute graphic tee, 3 vitamin water 0's, got the boy some chips(he told me to get them) and some aleve and lil travel lotion and tooth paste

me and my sis are planning to hang ut again today hopefully i only work til 1 today its my short day and it better stay that way cause i need a break but we are planning to go c eclipse at 2pm if she doesnt have plans and if i can get home on time u know but if something comes up and she cant go my plan is to come home get everything pakced and ready and get tihngs down i need to get down then ima go to a later movie by myself the boy is ok with me going by myself as long as i dont go to a real late one u know but im so excited to c the movie

heres how yesterday went
*cup of hot dteox tea
*half liter of water

at work 10-5pm
*cup of hot plain tea
*sobe lifewater 0
*liter of water
* 45 cal yogurt with lil granola
*fruit bowl(apple, banana, 1/2 cup blueberries)

*mango italian ice

not exercise yesterday i worked laternd jsut coudlnt get there and i cant get there today wither cause i have way to many things that i have to do but i will b running around for the most part so that will burn cals

plan for today
*cup of hot detox tea

at work 10-1pm
* liter of water
*vitamin water 0

movies at 2
home to pack

*yougrt, granola fruit bolw mix (prob)
*or i might have salad or some green beans gotta c what im in the mood for

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