Wednesday, June 2, 2010


so i almost passed out at work today i hate when that happens i know passing out is part of ana but fuck do i hate it i get really hot and sweaty and my heart goes even more nuts and i start shaking but i coudldnt let myself pas out cause that wouldnt b good so i like chugge dmy vitamin water 0 and that helped it calmed me down enough that i didnt pass out i felt tired the rest ofthe day but no passing out yay for that

also today i finished the book dear john and i loved it def read it if u haven ti wanted to read it b4 i saw the movie an di never got a chance to read it while the movie was in theaters so i just finished it now well at the gym acutally then went straight to target and bought the movie which i plan on watching tonite / also at target i got some more vitamin water 0 im addcited ihave to drink at least 1 bottle a day or i dont feel right so i got a 4 pakc of the lemonade one and a 4 pack of the acai blueberry promgrante it one. also god some dried bananas and dried mixed fruit the hole package is only 110 cal and im addciting to dried fruit so yay. aslo book a book cause i cant go to target and not get a book bought interview with a vampire by anne rice.

food log:

*cup of hot tea
*bottle of water
*cup dry bran flakes
*2 slices of light oatmeal toast

at work 10am-4pm
*liter and half of water
*vitamin water 0 peach mango or mandarin(dont remember)
*fruit bowl(2 small apples and 1/2 cup blueberries)
*cup of popcorn

*bottle of sobe life water 0 mango melon
*salad(lettuce, 1 slice of cheese, cucumber, dried melon w/wine vinager dressing)
* 3 vegan chicken proten tender thingys

*65 min hill workout tready level 13 speed 3.0- 287 cals burned
*over 11,000 steps taken- 274 cals burned

i plan to dirnk at least another liter of water tonite and a cup of tea. also gotta do soem curnches i will do them after the movie though

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  1. Your doing so well hun. Seriously. Let us know how you get on and what the results are..x