Wednesday, November 10, 2010


so i worked out in the dark today lol half way thru myworkout at the gym the lights just went off all the lights the tvs but the machines still worked so we coudl all workout. the only light was coming form the windows cause it was acutally sunny out today and then the lil back up spotlights that they have. i didnt mind working out in the dark i acutally liked it the only bad thing is that it made it harder for me to read my book. but neway did 35 min on elly level 5 burned 245 cals then idid 35 mins on steppy level 3 139 cals burned. always did at least 1000 crunches mayb more.

i really neeed to get more diuretcis cause im going crazy im addcited to those i take way to many and ive been out of them for a few days now and mysotmach is just so huge i need my diuretcis so bad ughbut im broke an dim debating about whether i shoudl use my credit card or not.

so my mom is just crazy insane she go tmy dad to buy her beer shes like the soda is putting to many pounds on so i want beer i go ma the beer is gonna put the pounds on as well shes like nope its less cals im like whatever u say ma.

srsly we have these cal talks like every few days she wants to lsoe weight but then all she dirnks is soda and berr yeah thats not gonna help at all but whatever she can do whatever she wants to do just leave me alone.

im reading "feeling for bones" by bethany pierce its really good so far im really likeing it u guys should def read it if u havent

so i really gotta stop eating junk its getting ridc junk wise today i had tootsie rolls the big fat ones id like 7 of those and some candy corn, few starburst ew i suck i know i suck and im fat and im gross and im wrothless and just ew

normal food wise 2 apples, 20 cals worth of sugar free jello, salad(lettuce, 2 baby carrots, 1 slice pepper, 1 hard boiled egg no yolk, pickles, lil broccoli and lil tomato), carrot and red pepper soup, and some bakes fries(mom made them for me ugh)

yes every once in ahwile she will cook food for me yeah thanx ma i really didnt want it but had to eat it so i had a few bakes fries. shes ocmes upstairs and opens my doors she like nowonder u didnt hear me yelling ur name i had my ipod on which is a nomral tihng she should now that by now i usually have it on.

so tomm ima go to the gym again in the morning and cleanmy room in the afternoon

so i spent the past 2 days makingsome braclets here they are

always made an an braclet for my friend M that i gotta mail to her i also have to make one for my frien K as well its stretchy with red beads and a butterfly charm

this is where most o fmy food came form today my lunch is the salad soup and one apple with cinnamon it took me 45 minutes to eat it ew fat ass i gotta stop eating somuch

mich- i just wanna disappear to alaska somewhere where like barely nebody lives ihate ppl they annoy me

happiness is on the outside-yerah i made bracelets and read and did crunches i would of extended the hide day to today but i had to go tot he gym so im glad the docs went good though docs are funny osme times they weigh sometimes they dont mine are the same way


  1. Mom's like to feed their kids, I don't understand it either. Your bracelets are lovely, just like you.

  2. What's the book about?
    1000 crunchies!? you are amazing! my fitspo for the day! And your bracelets rule!

  3. omg! i want a bracelet :P
    im glad u got out today though, the gym is awesome!

    and wat are "diuretcis"????

    -happiness <3

  4. bracelets are super cute!
    XX Sarah

  5. I like your bracelets, good job!

  6. Your bracelets are awesome!

    I have the same convos with mum--she always says she wants to lose weight (and now her doctor said she needs to lose 15 lbs), but I try to get her to eat healthy, and she just eats nothing but junk! We even went out to eat the other night, and I pointed out all the healthier options on the menu, but she just got a cheeseburger. >_<

    I just started Feeling for Bones, too. I like it so far.


  7. Oh man, my doctor always weighs me and them says the number loud enough for everyone in the quiet little office to hear. F*** him. I need to start going to your doc! Lol.

    I lovelovelove the bracelets! Making jewelry is my favorite thing ever, next to reading that is.

    I have actually been to Alaska before. If you like isolating then it really is a good place to go. But we can't isolate forever. It's a fact. We need human interaction. We might not think we do- but we do. I've just recently begun to realize that :/

  8. Oh, also. Pleeease be careful with the diuretics! If you've been able to take them for so long without being hospitalized (I'm assuming you haven't?) then you obviously know how to handle them.
    Just sometimes an extra reminder doesn't hurt.

  9. I was so addicted to diuretics in the past,please be careful with them.
    I really like your bracelets! You should start selling them if you don´t already.