Friday, November 19, 2010



weight 101.4 bmi-16.9

had my orientatin for my new job today i basically spent almost hour and half filling out paperwork all those stupid tax forms and then watched the video. but i can pretty much wear nething i want which is a good thing and i asked about my earrings cause i have 9 holes in each ear and she said piercings jewelry and tattoos are fine cause they all have them so yay i dont have to take themout and i can wear my braclets to hide my self harm scars on my wrist. i start on sunday though work 1:30pm-6:30pm and i would get 1 15 minute break in that time if i work longer then 5 hours then its 1 15 and 1 30 min break and if u work all day u get an hour break and a few others i think im really gonna like it there she said she wants to get me trained for i can hopefully work register for black friday im a quick learner so that shoudlnt b a problem. but i will let u know how sunday goes though when that time comes.

took my mom to the bank and grocery store this morning b4 i had to go to the orientation she bought me a jar of pickles yay go mom i love pickles. but ive been dressed since 730 this morning and on the go since 11 well i took mom out at 830 but that doesnt really count cause i came home and relaxed a lil b4 heading out to the mall

but after the mall i went to target and shoprite to get the things i needed since i now have money i can get my things and not have to depend on my mom to buy it for me that was killing me

so at target got:
*3 vitamin water 0
*3 sobe lifewater 0
*crystal light drink mix green tea peach mango
*lipton green tea decaf tea bags
*celestial true blueberry tea bags
*flinstone sour gummy vitamins
*unbearable lightness by portia de rossi(i coudlnt help myself i had to have it)

*3 del monte 100 cal fruit cups( 2 blueberry 1 mixed berry)
*2 bags bella romaine lettuce
*salt free rice cakes
*cherry tomaotes
*old london croutons(dairy free)
*2 boxes maple brown sugar low sugar oatmeal
*tropicana light mixed berry juice(10 cals per serving)
* 3 mangos
*bag of green apples

so im all good with food for awhile so i shoudlnt have to go next week unless i run out of fruit it depends on how much of it i eat.
but i got the rice cakes to bring towork with me those will b my snack on breaks and the oatmeal will b my breakfast or my meal right b4 i go in it gives me energy and keeps me full

going to the lehigh university wrestling match with the boy tonite soima relax alil since ive been runnign aorund like a crazy person all day so its relax and read time b4 i have to get up and fixed my hair and eye makeup

food log so far
*130 cals worth of promgrante lemonade juice
*cashews(ate a few tomany it started to hurt my chest)
*liter of water
*mugh of decaf green tea

love u all

sarah- i love broccoli as well but green beans are my fav

happiness is ont he outside-im glad that ur getting help and im always here for uhun just remember that ok yeah mom doesnt even bother me when i hide i tell herim having a hiding day and shes just like ok whatever gotta love that

dolcecaramel-yeahi m scared my kids are gonna end up being fuckedup like me as well but i will love them regardless and just try adn raise them right im sorry that ur havinga tough time but im always here for u hun

believe and thin_envy-thanx both of u and uw ill get down that low evenutally just stay strong


  1. hun do you live in PA? I think I have heard of Lehigh University before!

  2. I want your legs soooo bad! lol

    grocery shopping sounds fun :) I really need to do that soon so I stop eating my roomates junk food..

    Have an awesome weekend :)
    btw.. you were in my dream lmao... how weird is that? Like your blog was at least ahaha....

    love youuu


  3. woo for a new job! i need a job so bad... no one ever responds to my resume tho :(
    your list of food is making me so hungry lol. no wonder you are such a skinny mini, you are living on fruit.
    im glad things are looking up for you. xo

  4. NINE earrings?! Where do they all fit? I want more holes in my ears, and I really want the industrial, but I'm terrified. I don't get it, 'cause I have no problem sitting thru a 3 and a half hour tattoo, but piercings freak me out. Go figure.

    Good luck with the new job! That's awesome they're ok with tats and piercings, and you can wear what you like. Lovely outfit, as always!

  5. I got a new job toooooo!

  6. I am so envious of your weight and BMI!!! Love the outfit!!! Also good luck with your new job :)
    Just a question, is crystal light drink mix any cals?