Friday, November 5, 2010


im having a really really fat day like ugh its not a good day at all my head is yelling at me i keep getting headaches manily from the pills ijust take handful of biotin every few hours prob shouldnt but i do . i gained a pound im now 103 lbs ew gross.

went shopping with mom again she got me: lettuce, cnady canes, bag of pretzels, box of triscuits, 2 sugar free jello mixes, and some frozen yogrut. idk if the yougrt is gonna make me sick or not but i guess we will find out when i try it.

so tomm ima acutally get msyelf back on track and i mean it this time hardcore gotta get this weight off b4 i go fucking crazy.

heres my outift for 2nite i was gonna get all dressed up but yeah then just went with this

ann icut my hair today gavemsyelf a nice haircut so here it is and yes my face is in it so just ignore teh ugliness of it and just focus on the hair(i will take this pic down tomm for its not up long)


  1. I love the haircut! You look lovely <3

  2. Aw I love bangs (:
    You pull them off well!
    Btw, never told you this before, but I love that you post outfits. It’s a super cute idea (:
    XX Sarah

  3. front fringes are awesome!
    hope you have a much better day tommorrow ... so sorry to hear that today hasn't gone too well :(

  4. you are so gorgeous <3
    also you are so brave to be able to post picture of yourself. I am a coward and am scared what people will think, what if someone i know finds out about me blog.
    i really want to thank that for supporting me even though we haven't known eachother for long. your blog is really inspiring and it makes me feel less lonely every time i read it.

  5. Love your ugg boots and the hair! I'm glad you are being thinspiried! Strive for skinny!xoxox

  6. :D!!!!! hey!!!!
    ya i noticed u were following me now!!! YAY!!!!! btw! i LOVED the outfit!!!
    UBER cute shirt and i really like the hair cut, full fringe is SO back in style (says my cousin who is a hairdresser :P)

    btw i love ur vote!!! im actually dying without sex!!!!!
    im glad im not the only nympho out there ;)
    but now there is an issue! read next post to find out :P (p.s. i also mention u in my next post!)

    -happiness <3

  7. Awesome outfit as always, and I love your hair!! You look fabulous. And I'm totally jealous of your cheekbones. <3