Thursday, November 4, 2010


just a quick post cause im exhausted and i just wanna lay here and watch the flyers yes mich go ahead yell at me call me a traiter i know u want too love ya girl :)

so im exhausted cause i babysat today u know how i always talk about my lovely cousins yup had them today P(4 yrs old), B(1 yr old) N(2 months old) then C(10 yrs old) the first 3 r brothers and sisters and then C is must antoher cousin who we had today cause school was closed for soemthing idk. but imagine 4 kids in the house and me and my mom just going crazy. they house was never quite it was always loud filled with screaming and laughter it was nice though but neway i either always had N or B with me P and C just kept themselves occupied and played with each other but occasiouanlly they did come play with me. P likes to just run and jump on me and yeah i got a nice elbow to the head had a really good headache after that.

but u should of seen me mom was trying to eat lunch C and P eating their hotdogs and me witha crying N in my arms trying to feed B hes lil mac and cheese toodler meal thing yeah it was a funny site to c let me tell u cause N was getting hungery too so he was crying. mom eventually took N out of my arms and i feed B.

but the best part of the hole day was the over 2 hours i spent laying ont he couch with lil N laying on my chest sleeping srsly theres nuttin better then that to have this lil life just laying on u and sleeping so peaceful i was so content hes me lil cuddle bug.

but neway had them from 930am-3pm so yeah i was exhausted by the time they left and ended up eating a lil more then i wanted but i took laxs this morning in anticapation of 2day. prob had a lil over 1000 cals today ugh hate that number butim sure i burned alot taking care of the lil munchins.

tomm im just planning apples and sugar free strawberry jello trhu out the day and then of course dinner with the boy. i would love to go to the gym but if i do i will b passed out by 7 so i will just do some crunches and cleaning at home to burn cals


becky-o try and not buy binge food cause its to temtping to have and isnce my parents dont care if i purge or not so i dont have to hide it but yeah mayb its a good thing u dont have one. i love mine had it for years

sarah- not werid at all hun u should c my wheni m in like target or soemthing i will stand there just organizing theirs selves ppl prob thinkt hat im crazy

campaign for life- go dwishi could move out i still live at home

beskinny-thanx hunny i love to layer

deseperee de maigrir-godi knw i hate the rain it needs to stop already like all day is enough i dont run as much as i like between my right ankle and right knee its really hard

needlesedge- i love to workout its not a problem for me but im jobless and i really need to save my gas in my car

mich-o trust me im all to well aware of joint pain im in pain everyday and not normal pain pain that most ppl wouldnt b able to deal with but im so use to it that i do and yes get urself a fridge oo hjmm december 4 i willl c what i can do

happiness is on the outside-o im fine u dont have to worry about me trust me im use to allt he weirdness that is my body thanx hunny o im now following ur blog :)


  1. you are so lovely and inspiring. I'm glad you had fun with your cousins! They sound so sweet. xx

  2. Sounds like you had a good day. :) You deserve it!!

  3. that is so sweet you looked after those kids, i'd go crazy lol. it's great you had a good day, and yeah looking after them you probs burned a lot of cals!
    hope you have a good day tomorrow as well

  4. I've been a babysitter since birth so I totally respect and love that you do it! awesome!!!
    you're amazin babe! such thinspo! xoxox

  5. Oh dont feel bad I live in Philly but I am a hard core Martin Brodeur fan so in turn Devils fan no matter how bad they are right now.. there is still alot of hockey left.