Tuesday, November 30, 2010


ok so im being crazy again and ima attempt to b healthier to not put my body thru this hell nemore my heart has been really bothering me lately and ive been binging alot and eatin not much during the day and then eating way to much at nite like late nite.

so in an attempt to try and b healthy and not have my heart fail me ima try this again.
ima be healthy ima lose weight healthy which is gonna b hard for me cause idk how to b healthy or nomral i either ate way to little or way to much there is no middle ground for me no nomral its either restircitng or binging so i have aplan.

ima do 1200 cals a day i know the number is so scary and so high but its a healthy normal but also not a normal person amount of cals.l i can still lose weight on that it just wont b dramatic and i can get healthy i can stop having my heart going all crazy i can stop being dizzy and sick i can stop almost passing out at work.

so 1200 cals a day or close ima try and no binging or really late nite eating. im still gonna take my green tea pills and my diruetics. ima try and avoid hard cored diet pills though and try to avoid laxs. going to keep taking my vitamins an dmy fish oil pills. and def need my exercise. i cant functin with out my exercise so im still going to exericse.

im going to try and follow my low sodium low cholestrol diet the doc put me own years ago and then yells at me when i dont follow it so i gotta find the sheet for that. i watch the sodium amount in the stuff i eat enway and if its over 500 mg of sodium i dont eat it unless im binging then all reasoning goes out the window.

so yeah and no junk im cut out chips and dairy well the dairy is cause it just makes me sick but i eat it cause i crave it and i crave it cause im allergic yes i realize that its werid but the more allergic u are to soemthing the more u crave it trust me i read up on it.

so its pretty much healthy eating and ima drink water, tea and juice no soda or alochol which i dont drink much of neway soda just hurts my stomach and me and alcohol have issues.
ima have oatmeal in the morning for breakfast if i eat that in the morning thenmy heart is usually ok well it doesnt bug me as much as it would when i dont eat it.

ihope that all makes sense my thoughts are all over the place right now.
i went tot he gorcery store today i got:
*pre cookes chicken strips
*3 mangos
*6 apples
*jello cups
*frozen veggies
*2 cans reduced sodium chicken noodle soups
*2 boxs v8 soup

also went to target as well:
*24 case of water
*3 sobe life water0
*2 boxes tea
*hair dye(really need to dye it again eventually)
*pack of razors(the shaving kind not SH kind)
*coldmedicine(its winter im always sick all winter)
*harry potter books 1 and 2(yes im giving in and am finally gonna read them evneutally)

i dont understand y the day i decide to do all my running around it rains it wasnt suppsoe to rain til later today but yeah it started raining at 10am and hasnt stopped since and its suppose to rain all day tomm and harder as well

i did go tot he gym b4 i did my store hopping i did 65 mins on elly and burnt 486 cals my chest hurt so bad after cause i went full force the last 7 mins of my workout i was covered in sweat after i love a hard workout but the hway my heart was beating so fast was just crazy.

watched beauty and teh beast last nite he love that movie
got a job interview tomm bright and early 830am its for a part time teachers aide postion if i cant find a full time job ima need 2 part time jobs i dont really wanna work 2 but u do what u have to do.
i will let u know how it goes tomm
i still gotta figure out what ima wear but i will do that in the morning


dolce0thanx hun and im glad im not the only one with crazy under eye circles i hate mine though

mich-yes its a book and u shoudl read it trust me on it it explains alot more. im sorry that u dont ahve a good gym around u i acutally go out of state to my gym good think about living right on the boreder

honey-yeah i knwo what u mean but sometimes it doesnt make me vomit it just makes me really uncomfortalbe it depends on the situation i guess


  1. That sounds like a really good plan =)
    I love beauty and the best too.
    Good luck sweetie

  2. excellent plan. im so glad you are trying to do it healthy. we dont want to lose you.
    maybe try and make certain meals that are bigger than you normally have and attempt to eat them. if you dont finish you can just put it in the fridge for later or throw it out.
    you can do it. xo

  3. So glad you're going to be healthy- it sounds like the perfect plan :) I know you'll be great!
    Stay strong
    <3 <3

  4. if only i had listened to you haha i binged last night...But im glad to hear youre going to do it the healthy way best of luck!