Thursday, November 25, 2010


hey everyone yes 2 post in one day im juts really bored hanging in my room we didnt go newhere for thankgiving my mom just cooked an di just ate alil of waht she made and its not agreeing with my acid reflux or my dairy allergy i though i checked all the packages but i guess imissed soemthing

it keeps trying to come back up and i keep swallowing it back down i dont wanna throw up i havent thrown up in what over a month now an di djust dont wanna not intentionally or unintentionally today is one of those days where my body just doenst want it so it would b an unintentional throw up but i dont wanna so its gonna stay down.

my mom didnt even get me a fork out she got everyones forks and plates out and not me shes like well u never eat with us so i forgot to get u one well thanx mom u came up and told me to make my potato cause the food was done but ud ont get me a fork ok whatever.

my family ate so much my dad was gong on hes second plate when i was still in the kitched trying to make my first my sis had like biscuits on her plate plush a shitload of other stuff an dmy moms and bro plate was full and they were talking about coming back for 2nds and shit idk how my family eats so much but yeah i shoudl b use to that they all do eat alot.

i had one lil plate of food and that was it mo has apple pie and pumpkin pie as well so i will have alil piece of apple pie it doesnt have dairy i checked and u know i cant resist me some apples lol :)

well it was snowing here earlier yup snow in jersey lol it was suppose to rain today but the temp dropped alil lower and it snowed it didnt stick ont eh road casue that was till to warm but it stuck to everything else it stopped snowing awihle ago though so its not bad at all out there its just fuckign cold as hell but thats winter for ya.

we won the big rivalry game ya go us it went into overtime first overtime ever in teh 104 years of playing but we won 3-0 yes it was low scoring we kicked a field goal in overtime and won it yay :)

but neway heres the outift that i have on today it was taken in my room in my full length mirror which is dirty sorry for that

and then my plate of food for tday dinner. it was lil piece of turkey with lil gravy cause the turkey was dry, lil soon of stuffing, lil spoon of corn, lil spoon mixed veggies, with small baked potato peeled and cut up and then one lil roll. there wa sno slat on ne of it cause i cant eat salt i just put a lil garlic powder on it instead

well ima go back to watching law and order marathon and i gotta do my crunches yet i think i might start readin unbearable lightness


  1. The thinspo from before is great!

    The snow was pretty wild this morning, right?

    My 5k went really well - thanks for the encouragement :) It looks like you had a good Thanksgiving too!

  2. That plate looks daunting but not that bad sweetie. Im sure you can handle it. You are doing amazing. xoxox

  3. Personality test results :)

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  4. Law & Order marathons!!! I love SVU :D

    My friend has to keep swallowing her food again and again because she her body just throws up naturally now after all the years of purging. She hates it, and I'm sorry you have to be dealing with the same thing, hun.

    Everyone in my family was going back for seconds as well. I have no idea how. I ate one small plate and was dying to purge and they were eating seconds?? Idk.

    I wish it snowed where I live <3 Snow is always so beautiful. And I love your outfit! Stripes, man.