Saturday, November 27, 2010


wow so working on black friday was crazy and so tiring i could barely keep my eyes oepn to drive after that day was over i never worked in a store that was busy on balck friday b4 u know tanning salons and chocoloate stores dont offer crazy black friday deals.

i didnt update yesterday cause i worked 10-7 then came home showered and changed and went out with the boy there was no time to update at all. i burnt 530 cals yesterday just walking around accorindg to my pedometer watch i prob would of burned more but i acutally sat down on my breaks had 2 15 min one and one hour long one. i brought in a salad with me for my hour long break they got everyone pizza and chips but i cant eat that stuff. but it was crazy i would fold osmething and walk away and come bacdk to the section like 30 minutes later and it would b a mess again i was getting really tired of folding.

but me and the boy went to red robin after omg my head was poudning so much by the time we got there that i acutally ate more then nomral and he was surprised im lik ei do eat and its helping my head like he knows i eat i just never eat much but i acutally ate yesterday had 5 onion rings for appy and then my meal wa smy ever popular apple harvest salad no cheese dressingo n the side this time it acutally came with lil slice of bread soemtimes i get it sometimes i dont this time i did so i ate the bread all the apples out of the salad, the walnuts mosto fo the chicken and some of the lettuce. it was more then i normally eat.

he gave me my early xmas present. he got me 2 collectors edition of xmas movies one has 10 moives on it and the other has 7 and they are all the classic old cartoon ones that i love an dhe knows i love them so he got me them and gave them to me early for i coudl watch them b4 xmas god i love him.

my inosmnia is really kicking my ass lately im barely sleeping an di mean barely i take like 30 min cat naps and thats it and its really wearing me out like today i thought i was acutally going to just fall over i could barely keep moving but i managed to stay upright and not fall over no matter how much i watned too

i worked 8 hours today and i didnt take my 15 min breaks i just took my hour long food break. me and my one coworker had break at the same time so she asked if i wanted to go eat with her so i said yes and yes it was werid and iwas freaking out but she was really nice and she talked alot. we went down to this one pizza place at the amll and i got a small garden salad with grilled chicken and a large lemoande she got a wrap that came with chips and apickle. i ate about half of my salad and i drank all of my drink i was just so damn thirsty and then this one pretzel place was given out free small coffee so we got a small coffee the combo of food and coffee hurt my stomach but i managed to make it thru the rest of my shift at work. idk when i work again cause they messed up my schedule but the one manager said he would call me when he figures it out and said that i did good today. i like it there its juts tiring and i dont wanna work in retail the rest of my life. accordint to my pedometer watch i burned 718 cals today.

b4 work i went to walmart and target i had a lil extra money so i decided to get myself a few tings u know as a lil treat. so at walmart i got oth season 6, beauty and the beast on dvd and box of sweet tarts. at target got 2 mags, a calander, and 2 books. the only thing i sitll need to get myself is a jacket which i will do eventually.

food wise today ithink i did pretty well at slice of apple pie and 1 waffle for breaky then snack was 3 rice cakes and a pretzel b4 work and then dinner was the salad and lemonade and now im snacking on some sweet tarts which are really sweet and i prob wont eat nemore.

imight have a lil snack later idk what it will b though.

ima try and get updated on all ur journals but im so tired and my eyes hurt that ijust wanna lay down and hopefully b able to sleep a lil so dont b mad if i cant get updated
i love u all and stay strong


  1. im glad you went shopping. all that work deserves a reward. aww your bf sounds like a cutie. have fun watching your dvds. xo

  2. you totally deserve buying yourself something..working black friday - i can only imagine how nuts it is from the workers perspective...i shopped and that is crazy enough.

  3. yay for shopping, and working 8 hours im sure you got a nice pay check ;)
    you sound exhausted- be careful ok?
    because here we all love you too!