Thursday, November 11, 2010


so i am never using the microwave again that thing is fucking evil and the ass fuck is out to get me i swear. it blew up my food today fine if it wants to blow up myfood for i cant eat it thats all good with me but does it have to make a mess whiel doing it like fuck ugh. i had to clean it 3 times today yes count them 3 times the microwave has never been cleaner let me tell u.

it kept blowing up my soup i was haveing the v8 vegetable soup i made a cup of it for breakfast blow up number 1 and then i made the other half of it for lunch blow up 2 and 3 see it blew up once during lunch so i took it out and cleaned it up and then i figured it woudlnt do it again but yeah i was wrong cause whe ni put it back in to finsih cooking it it blew up again so yeah fucker. that thing is potless now might i add

so yeah im never cooking soup in there again its gettign cooked on the stove from now on yeah just basically im avoidng the fucker as much as i can cuase i really cant deal with cleaning it nemore i just cant.

so my mom is crazy and drives me nuts and shes aphsycho path who just needs to shut up already. shes on my case about going tot he gym yes i go to the gym alot fuck u know that and really what ami suppose to do wheni m home all day jobless and broke and bored now i dont mind u know hiding in my room but i need my exercise it keeps me sane i need the sweat of a good workout i just need it exercise addcit it remember. but hey she did give me a good laugh today. when i got home from the gym my spot in front of the house wasnt open so i parked infront of th eneighbors house and i try and not leav emy car there cause they are scumbags and i dont trust them well i just got out o fthe shower and mom said that i could move my car so ijust throw her the keys cause heyim in a towel i cant really move it dressed in a towel. so i had to go throught th e hole thing of what button to push to unlockmycar then lock lik ereally ma just look at the pics so im standing downstaris watching her yes still in my towel and itsjust fucking hilerious watching her do it shes coudlnt park it and i have a small car a ford focus she finally gets it in the the spot and close enough to the curb she gets out adn goes the mirrors make things look closer then they are i just die fucking luaghing like really ma i never knew that fuckng crazy ass person that she is

i got a call for a job interview today it just for old navy and its just seasonal work if i get it id only been working til january but hey it would b a job and it would bring some money in which is what i desperatly need. the girl on the phone was nice pretty much said it would b days cause she has college students that come in at nite and do the night shift so i would b doing like 9-5 or 12-5 so i go tmonday at 3 for that interview in thinking bout wearing a dresss over along sleeve shirt and then leggings and flats. old navy is apretty lay back place so i think that would b good if u guys have a different opnion let me know please

i acutally got to mak emy won dinner today instead of waiting til 1130pm or midnite to get myself a lil something to eat for i can sleep with out my chest hurting. my parents left for alil today so i could cook dinner i dont like maknig my dinner when my parents are home my dad espeically cause hes alway sonmy case bout how i shoudlnt eat this of that thats bad for u thats bad for ur cholestrol r u sure u can eat that yeah u c y i dont make food when hes around if hes not buggingme about that then hes touchingm y shoulders or hips and going hmm mom told him i cant eat dairy with out thrwoing up hes like well theres alot of other stuff she can eat idk y he cares all of a sudden but yeah so neway backt o my point they left today to go to a veiwing soi coudl make myself something to eat a a decent time so i had egg whties small baked potato no skin and one slice wheat bread i washed all my plates and stuff right away for they woudlnt know that i made soemthing.

i just wish ppl would leave me alone already my dad espeically like just back off im not skinny so u dont need to worry im fat and gross and i need to lose a shit ton of more fuckng weight so they dont have to worry at least not yet.

i went to the gym today :) and the lights didnt go out so yay for that i did 40 min on elly level 5 burned 280 cals and theni did 40 min on steppy level 3 160 cals burned :) and then i cleaned my room afte rmy shower i reorganized my closet hun things up i picked up my room organized that lil and then i also vaccumed my floor as well so my room is all nice and clean :)

i drank 3 cups of lax tea an di use a big mug so i use 2 tea bags each time so thats 6 tea bags of lax tea and its starting to work now god stomach hurts o bad but hey its the things we have to do in order to b skinny andsmall and perfect an di will take the pain if it makesm y stomach look smaller

god i cant wait til i get my diuretics i really need them but no money so i gotta wait but its jus so hard cause i juts want them so bad need them

did my curnches already today but i will prob do more later as well im watching the flyers hockey game right now as of right now they are winning yay go them an di read alot today as well. feelinn for bones is just amzing im alil more then halfway thru it

isla-yeah i dont get it either they should just let us b and thanx hun

pixiestix14-exercise addict here i gotta do my crunches or i go nuts
u can find the book description here

happiness in on the outside- r u in theuntied states if u are i can mail u on eijust gotta save money for stamps. and diuretics are pretty much water pills they make u pee more so u lose water weight

sarah and lou-thanx both of u

mich-parents never listen do they like we try to tell them and theyjust dont listen in one ear and out th eother thanx bout the bracelts and i think u will really like teh book im more then half way thru and im addicted to it let me know wha tu think though

becky-yes my doc is clueless idki guess ithelps that ive always been underweight so he just thinks its a natural thing u know what i mean like ive never been high er then 115 and the 115 didnt last long that was during one of my recovery phases but it didnt stick what he really yells out the nubmer thats fucking fucke dup he should do that o i love reading as well and ur rigth reading and making jeweerly are great past times thats how i pass most of my time.
yeah i know we nee dhuman interaction but still it woudl b nice to get away for awhile though
and yea im being careful nope never been hospitalized i have passed out from dehyradtion quite a few times though and ihave had very bad kindey pain but i dont stop i need them and iusually just take like 4 at a time i try to not take more then 4 but soemtimes i do but hey im still alove so im ok

broken- im being careful with themi promise and nop eim not selling themi should look into that though

sarah thanx love


  1. ive got my fingers crossed you get the job! and you never know - sometimes if they like you then when a permament position opens they already know you are a hard worker - you never know. well, if you were still needing a job that is.

  2. sorry bout the microwave... and situation with your mum and i really hope the job goes well- any job is better than no job at all!! :)

    great job on the crunches- you machine!!!

  3. You´ll get the job, I´m sure!
    Sorry about your parents, they can be really be annoying but well, they care.
    I wish I could work out like you do, I used to but now I get tired really easy =(
    Take care sweetie

  4. lols nah im from canada eh :P (add goofy canadian accent!)

    ur mom sounds actually hilarious btw! and u should put a paper towel over the soup, then it wont explode!

    do u only do cardio? or strength train as well?

    oh u dont even know how much better i feel! jsut once and i jsut feel calmer :P lols so much stored energy gone and now i can relax and im eating less just naturally! less cravings and everything! i love that sex has so many positive effects! ;)

    thanx for the definition btw, i've never heard of them :S sounds cool though :P

    i love reading ur posts! yay! YOUR STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!
    -happiness <3

  5. The V8 soup is an arsehole like that. It's best to cover it when you microwave it. :D

    Your interview outfit sounds good to me. You always put such nice outfits together, so I'm sure you'll look great!

    I'm having a hard time getting into that book, but if you say it's good I'll keep reading. I'm only at the end of like chap 2. It'll take me ages to read, as I'm also reading a Clive Barker book, some psych textbooks, and re-reading Harry Potter. :/


  6. Microwaves are so overratted (; haha! Don't worry!
    I'm sorry to hear about your dad hassling you, and i hope you don't get the cramps too bad that i seem to experience with lax produts!
    good luck with the interview!! I really wish you the best of luck, you deserve to get this!!
    Keep strong honey!! xox

  7. Sorry about that soup! That is incredibly annoying!

    Good luck with the interview, I'm sure you'll look perfectly adorable and hire-able!