Monday, November 15, 2010


i had my interview at old navy today heres the outfit that i wore. its a dress over a long sleeve grey shirt and grey leggings with flats

so the interview went good in my opnion that is the 2 girls that interview me were nice really crazy and they go off on tangents on vampires ha they were talking about true blood and they love to read i love to read too and i love vampires so its a goo dmatch if u ask me but neway the first question she asked me was so tell me about urself and yeah i didnt do well on that one im like ummm yeah idk shes like its an open question r u in school i told her i wasnt that i have my associates in accoutning shes like yeah thats a hrad market to get into im lie yeahi know i cant find a job in it. but she asked what i like to do when im not working i said that i loved to read i always have a book with me shes like what do u read im like nething i will read nething shes like we love vampires around here im like thats my go to i love sci fi fantasy aboce all elsethey they went off on their true blood tangent lol it was funny. i ecplained my old job which was hard cause idid so many different things at once and she explained the job i would b doing its like cashier,helping customers, dressing room al the stuff im like im fine with that. we went over hours she said it would mostly b days til like 5 or 6 im like im good with that on the app i put that i coudlnt pwrk late on fridays shes asked how late an di would of said 3 but i though that would decrease my chances of getting the jobs so i said 7 at the latest ( iknow friday is date nite but we never go out b4 7 neway). they asked weird questions. um one was what is ur biggest accomplishtmen i said graduationg college cause i wasnt palnning on going at first that i took a year off and it took me time but i finally did it and graduated. another was fashion like style its hard to explain my style but i said i love to layer nething colors patterns i just love layers and i love old fashion shes like old fashin like waht decade im like 20'30's she like flappers in like yes. they asked like commitments and how woudl u hanlde this and that and some things i never had to deal with but i basically said that im a hard worker if i say ima do something then ima do it i get my work done i dont push it off on neone else and im really good at mutlitasking trust me if they saw me at me old job they would of seen then i can mutli tasklike no other. but the interview went good she kept saying great excellent an di was a lil ackward but hey im an ackward person but i smiled alot and laughed with them and i talk with my hands alot gotta love teh italin in me. but she said they ahve a few more interviews but she wouldletme know by the end of the week. i hope that i mad ea good impression and ihope that they liked me i really need a job and iw ould b good working there i love to prganize and keep things clean and lord knows i can work a cash register. so i just gotta try adn stay postive and hope that i get it.

after i decided to walk the mall al il to get alil more exercise in so i took my ipd out and put in out and walked around the mall 3 times now my mall isnt big but hey its something and i stopped and used my last couple dollars to get myself a drink otuof the vending maching i got a sobr fuju apple cranberry drink hole bottle 15 cals and it taste good so i made a good choice. after the mall i went ot walmart i needed to restock my stock i hate walmart with a passion but target doesnt hav ea good diet pill selection so my stock is all filled now as u can c i got 2 mags, box of laxs, box of fat burners, and 2 boxes of diuretics. wihle i was checking out the cashier guy is like this all for u im like no buying it for some1 and he acutallly carded me i never get carded and idont understand y he had to ask that like nosey much well app he is very nosey.

im getting sick well a cold at least i hope it doesnt turn intot a full blown sickness my nose is stuffy and running, my head is cloudy and i get random headaches. my throat is sore. and to top it all off i think that my wisdom teeth are coming it they hurt an di feel pooking ugh c i never got them out i have had alot of mouth work done but i have never got them out they never caused an issues and since i havent been tothe dentist in 6 years yeah. c guys ive had alot of mouth work i had braces of 8 years i had allm y baby teeth pulled cause they woudlnt fall out i have had mouth surgry and i have also had them attach chains to teeth and have them pulled to a different spot in my mouth now can u c y i haven tbeen tot he dentist in 6 years once i go tmy braces off i was done i coulndt handle going there nemore. i take care of my teeth i brush thema ll the time to make suer thye saty good an di know my purging isnt good for my teeth but thats one thing that will awlays b there with me but i havent purged in nearly 2 weeks yay go me :).

i hav e anew plan well sorta its just for dinner right now see i hate going downstairs to get dinnerwhenmy dad is home lie u guys know i think i takled about it b4 so i suallly waited til 1130pm and then went down and got food cause he would b in bed by then well yeah i got tired of eating late at nite so today i deicded every morning or afternoon i would cut up some fruit adn buy it inmy fridge upstairs for i can eat that at dinner time. itihnk its a good idea :) and right now ima have oatmeal for breakfst and prob soup and salad for lunch. it worked goor for me today well so far at least

so far today i had had bowl low sugar oatmeal, i fun size pull and peal twizzler, 1 bite brownie, cup tomato salsa soup, salad(lettuce 6 pickle chips 3 baby carrots), liter of water, cup of green tea with promgarnte, cup of chicken broth, bottle sobe fuji apple cranberry.

i cut up 2 apples earlier for dinner so i will ahve those and mayb some jello and also some more water as well
my head is really starting to hurt so i should prob take some meds soon.

went tot he gym today i wanted to go early but my bro spent an hour and half in the damn bathroom this moring so i had to wait til he got out but i still got a good workout in neway did 65 min on elly level 5(450) then 18 mins steppy level4(74). then the 3 laps i did around the mall i didnt have my watch on so idk how many cals that burned.

sorry i didnt update yesterday i was feeling really tired an di just couldnt concentrate.
but date nite was on sat last week so we went to red robin well first we watched the flyers game together and then we went to red robin i had apple harvest salald no cheese dressing on the side. also he got extra fries so i could have some and for the appy he always ordrs mozzy sticks but i cant eat those nemore so instead he got appy combo mozzy sitcks and onion rings i had 3 onion rings dipped in campfire mayo, i dippe dmy fries in maraiina sauce i also gotta b dipping my fries and stuff i now im werid u can tell me that.

but i got a lecture on how i bring my sicknesson myself thati eat things i shoudl b eating so it makes me sick i told him that idi cut ouot everything i cant eat then u woudl get mad cause it wouldnt b much food i can eat.
i got a lecture on how i shoudlnt b eating candy or fries imonly allowed to eat fries with him on fridays and teh candy he said is really bad for my teeth
now i know that i shoudl b eating that stuff i know that but when some1 tells me i shouldnt eat it i rebel and eat it ima rebel i hate rules they are meant to b broken.
and i hate driving at nite and he always makes me drive when we go out and he know si hate it panick when i drive my chest hurts but i can drive and ive never beenin an accident i just freak out when i drive now im fine driving during the day and im ok driving at nite when im in town but as soon as im driving somehwere were idk wher i am going or if its nite time and imd not in town its bad hes like u really dont like driving at nite hes liek it scares u im like yes it does i panick u know that heslike y si it scary im like idk its dark and i cant c and the headlights and i dont like it in all tense driving at nite and i tap my finger constantly he tries to keep me calm but when i make a mistake i get a lecture.

now guys hes not contorlling trust me on that hes just really opinoated and i love him i lovehim more then myself and if wasnt for him iw ould b dead already so dont hate on him to much ok

ok ima go read all the ur grea blogts and get caught up
love ua ll


believe-c ivenever beent hat high adn 102 is high forme but dont worry i will b careufl im not gonna ocmpletely stop eating again i wont it nearly killed me last time so yeah tankx hun

anorexic medic-aw thanx hun yeah its to much sugar thoguh tis giving me headaches but thank u and i know did it healthy stuff as well so that helps

mich-thanx love god bk is evil i hate it and i dont liek eating it but its all we have in town an dwhen we dont feellike driving to pa thats what we eat and yes we will b 95 by xmas ur closer then me though jealous

happiness in on the outside-wow u got out of it lucky i wish i coudl get out of it expcet small town we dont have many options im always here for u hun u know that for support or just to talk

sarah-yeah i do alot fo ab work im addcited and yes start out slow thats all u can do and u can work urself up to more

courtney-thank u love c i dont feel like an inspiration or thinspirtional or nething like that but thank u hunny stay strong


  1. Sounds like the interview went great! Good luck!
    Red Robin is amazing. My daughter's school always has fundraisers there. Get a hold of me if you need anything!

  2. I hate nosy cashiers too, I get looks from this one store when I buy laxatives grr hate it. Oh well that won't stop me lol..
    I'm glad about your Old Navy Interview, sounds like you said all the right things.

  3. Gorgeous dress!! I'm glad the interview went so well. That's exactly what you deserve after putting so much effort into it!

  4. I'm sure you'll get the job! *fingers crossed*

    How is your tummy feeling these days?