Thursday, November 18, 2010


wow am i tired so this will just b a quick update
i had my lil cousins today they are such a handful if i dont have the almost 3month old in my arms im runnning and playing after the other 2 had them from 10-3 2day and i was constantly on the go the only time i got a break was the lil half hour nap i took with my cuddle bug i love cuddle up with him him just laying on my ches so warm and soft o i want a baby someday i cant wait to b a mom in the future

but neway lets c we went outside for alil but it was chilly so we didnt stay out long. me and munchin did puzzle i ran after her brother alot an dits always up and down up and down hes alil wibble wobble kept tripping over hes own 2 feet but yeah idk we did alot more as well but it was all just a tiring blur or funiness might i add i hate spongebob and we watched like almost 2 hours of it cause they just love it so much that show is so stupid

i have to get up and get my room cleaned upand theni have to repaint my nails and do my crunches then ima just relax and read and watch tv for the rest of the nite im beat

o and we donthave ne heat in the house fucking house thank god we still have hot water though fo ri could take a hotshower in the morning but dad has to fix the furnace and who knows when he is gonna do that but im lucky i got aliol space heater in myroom so that will keep me warm but i was freezingthe hole time downstairs

scale said 101.8 this morning i hope its even less tomm morning. it prob would of been less this morning but my heart and chest were really bothering me last nite and when its that bad i gotta eat soemthing so at likie 1130 at nie have 1 small scoop frozen yogurt and 1 home made cookie they helped my heart but made my chest hurt so much from the dairy i didnt get sick though i can eat dairy in very lil doses and its just chest pains but if i eat to much of it then my head is stuck inthe toilet and i have no desire to c the inside of the toilet ne time soon.

i was downstairs making my oatmeal this morning and oms like almost 5 batches of cookies and tis almost gone already im like momits not me i can only eat 1 if i eat more i get sick shes like iknow its not u its me and ur father they alwasy complain about eating to much and shes wants to lose weight but then she makes cookies and brownies o geez mom wonder y ur gaining and not losing hmm guess there ass fuck ugh

food log
*low sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal
*pretzels(sncked on while wathcing the kids)
*few bites waffle( the middle one was sharing it with me no butter of syrup though thank god)
*6 small tootsie rolls
*bag of frozen broccolli
*small scoop frozen yogurt

* 2 mugs tea
*2 liters water

im not planning on eating nething else today but we will c how my heart is

tomm ihave the orientatin ting for my new job so gotta go in fill out paperwork and watch the video
and then after that ima go to shoprite and get me soem safe food

jessica-i dont dowell wihtout working i need stuff to keep me busy i hope u find one

bellaana-yeah im not good at the hole flaunting thing ilike my hiding im good at hiding

helen-thanx hun

frozen beautiful-aw wow idont hink my blog is that interesting but thanx hun if u even wanna eamil me its

becky- im 5'5 wait did u get a job too or the not feeling well thing?

broken- i cant eat salt im not suppose to high cholestol and blood pressure its bad for me toeat salt

anna, nee and mich-thanx guys

thin_envy-yeah i know its the only good thing about working retial is ur constatnly busy no time to eat and ur right u get to c skinny girls and it makes it easier to not eat but m y town is full of fat scumbags ugh but still. yeah i know its hard to come by i have a hard time finding it as well and i love reading ur blog

beskinny- i know right i like jumped up and down :)

happiness in on the outside- dude i never hide form my email or my computer or the internet im always online as u can tell when i hide i mean hide in my room dont leave it done leave the house i could never hide from my computer yes old navy shoudl b a good job and in easy one i'll b in organizing heaven


  1. Wow! I bet you burned a ton of calories running around after those kidos! I saw your intake, and I love broccoli it's so healthy (: tea too!! <3
    XX Sarah

  2. omg i know! i hate it when people complain about loosing weight AS they stuff their face... if i had a bit less control over myself id yell at them i swear! bleh :P and hellz yeah runnin with them kidss sure makes u feel all warm inside and thinking of the future <3 super cute, i bet ud be a great mom! <3

    retail is the best when u love to clean! i love my job b/c i can actually just fix al the boxes for hours and do nothng else and they wont get mad at me for not doing much else :P

    lols my hiding days include turning everything off and locking myself in my room and actually not existing for 24 hours minimum :S my parents usually call one of my friends over to get me out of my room when im past 24 hours :P

    cant wat for ur next post!!!!! <3

    btw im starting to get legit help tomorrow and hopefully ill be able to get off coke without chef even finding out... i hate that i have to hide my whole past from him (aka drugs and other 'heavy' topics)

    love u forever and always :) <3
    -happiness ;)

  3. I can't wait to have a baby too, babies are really the most amazing thing- I just hope I can raise it properly and not have it grow up to be like me..
    Sorry about disappearing, I got a bit depressed for a while but I miss your blog and I miss writing to. Thanks for your comment on my last post and thanks for being so supportive even though we don't really know eachother.
    Love xx

  4. Good intake girl! I cant wait till Im as tiny as you again! youre down to 101 congrats!!!!!!!!!

  5. Your comments are amazing, hun =] Thank you so much for all your support.

    101 is like amazing. I cant wait to be down that low. You're doing, great! Keep up the good work!