Wednesday, November 17, 2010


so guess waht lovely ppl we got osme good news for once in my god damn life :) i got a call today from old navy rembmer i had my interview on monday well they called today and said i got the jump fuck yeah go me i rock im the best :) im so damn happy u have no idea this past 3 months of being unemployed as been driving me crazy but now i got a job and soemthing to look forward too and i will have money omg fuck yeah :)

so i goin friday at 11am to fill out the new hire paperwork and watch the video she said about 2 hours for that. and thens eh would tell me when i really start for i can get my training and everything.

i ran down the steps and nearly feel to tell my omo shes like ur running in guessing its good news i also hit the lamp too ha well its not a lamp its the light fixutre in the hallway that is old as fuck but really nice but i wacked it with my hands but neway
i got a job heheh happy dance every one

im having a hiding day today its not on purpose i just wasnt feeling well when i woke up this morning. im really shaky and my legs are weak and tired and my heart is bugging me, its hard to concentrate more then nomral andmy teeth really hurt.
so im hiding today in my room well i took my momout this morning she needed to get football tickets for the big tday game for my bro and sis so i took her to get that and got gas in my car as well.

but spending the rest of the day hiding in my room. ima prob repaint my nails, watch tv(oc is on right now) and read and i def will do crunches idk if iw ill run in place htough since im not feeling so great.

i nearly feel down the steps when i ran down them cause im just so weak
but the scale said 102.6 this morning well after my shower 2 apples some jello water adn tea so i hope that im smaller then that

i will have my offical weigh in friday and get the real number
so food log so far
*2 apples-120
*sf jello-20
*peppermint tea

im planning on making a huge salad for lunch and then having 2 apples for dinner i might try some frozen yougrt later or many some pretzels idk we will c
but love u all


ce-thanx and i know red robin is amzing isnt it

lou-thats the first time ne cashier has done that to me an di have bought alot of diet pills and stuff thruout the years

sarah-thanx hun i guess my luck is finally turning

deseperee demaigir- my sotmach is acutally doing better surprisnlgy but ive been staying awawy from the things that make me sick so thats prob helping


  1. Congrats on your employment! I hope it goes well :) I desperately need a job too haha, but winter months makes me too lazy.

    Get better soon and good luck with your new job!

  2. amazing intake today love, and a huge congratulations on getting employed!!
    sucks that you are hiding away today - with an intake like that you should feel proud and FLAUNT your gorgeous little self

  3. Hoorah congratulations! I am so happy for you xx

  4. congrats girl! you deserve it :) I read your blog seem like such a sweet person. good luck with the new job!

  5. Congrats on the job!!!! Same thing just happened to me today so I know how great it feels :)

    ONE-OH-TWO! So damn jealous. Do you mind if I ask how tall you are?

  6. Congrats sweetie! Put a little salt in the salad, it might make you feel better.
    Take care!

  7. congrats on everything - especially the new job! i can see how much it meant to you.
    Congrats also to the intake!

  8. Awh congrats skinny minny!
    That's a great job to get :)
    P.s 102 is amazing, I'm so jealous.

  9. Congrats on getting the job!!! Enjoy your hiding day. :-*

  10. Congrats! its always easier to not eat when you work in retail cuz your constantly reminded of what size you wear and what others wear haha! Thanks for following my blog and your great comments! Ill try to get more back thinspo, there not alot out there Ive noticed cuz its one of my favs too! much love!

  11. happy day to you!!! congrats on the job! YAAAY

    dude that is sooo aawesome!!!! old navy is such a nice place to work!!!!
    have fun with ur hiding but dont hide form ur e-mail! not allowed! :P

    -happiness <3