Sunday, November 7, 2010


my cousins bday party was good yesterday lots of fun and very tiring and it was only 3 hours but when u spend a good chunk of that time playing it gets very tiring. B the bday boy turend one and he was just all over the place from person to person running around so cute hes sis P was there as well of course ha but we colored, drew pictures, did a puzzle, and played tag. i was beat by the time i got home and endedup falling asleep early except i would like jump awake every hour of so so it wasnt much sleep the bags under my eyes are crazy but tahts nutting new.

but neway i wasnt planning on eating at the party cause i hate eating around laorge crowds i just hating eating n front of people in general but after like an hour of being there i got really tired and weak i started to get tunnel vision an di felt really faint idk if my mom or aunt noticed or something cause they said i coudl eat that they had salad up there. my aunt acutally walked up there with me and made sure i got salald with dressing. the salad had lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese and pepproni. i had small bowls of that(they had the lil plastic throw away ones) i didnt have ne cheese in mine though an di put a squirt of balasmic vinager on it. and then thru out the rest of the party i just munched on some tostios and pretzels. i didnt have ne cake though i wanted some but it was choc a) i hate choc cake and 2) i really didnt felel like throwing up fromt he dairy. i did have one cookie though it hurt my stomach like a bitch but i kept it down.

b4 the party me and mom went and did a lil more food shopping and we got B's present. we got him 4 of the cutest lil winter outfits ever and this light up singing play phone that i had a blast palying with. yes im a lil kid and i like palying with the toys my mom wont even take me into toys r us nemore cuas ei have to press all the buttons ha. well after we did that we went to target she felt bad that she got these huge bags of candy and i coudlnt have ne. but target has all there hallpoween candy on sale so she took me and got me a huge bag of candy corm, and an 109 piece of skittles and starbursts mix. she tooke some of the candy cornthoguh thank god and my bro took some starburst and my sis took some as well. but i orgainzed them in seperate bags cause there was the orgianl starburst and the tropcial falvor ones. we also went to the grocery store as well. she bought me a flagel(flat bagel) and a nice fruit bowl. when we got home i helped her put stuff away and we wrapped up B's present and i had tootise rolls ugh those are the devil o i got a small bag of those in my room as well. but like 2 hours b4 the party i didecde that i would eat soemthing so i would b ok at the paryt( as u can tell from above i ahd to eat there) but i had my flagel i ddint toast it or nething i just ripped it apart and ate it and 3 hard boiled eggs no yolk just the egg whites

im on an egg kick for some reason bu ti dont want them fried i want them hard boiled.

my sis came home for the party she got her xboyfriend/friend/current boyfriend(we arent sure of the status of their relationship) to drive her home. they both go to school in philly but differnt shcools and they wre together for overa year b4 they broke up but they are talking alot again. but neway he picked her up and drove her home and they we all rode up in my dads truck yeah we were squessed. mom and dad at front and then sis, boy, and bro in the back sit yeah my ribs wwere pressed against the door so hard. but it was niceshe came home andshe loved my hair she like jumped up and down she love dit shorter.

well that was yesterday
um date nite yeah we didnt do much he went tot hehigh school football game with hes brother it ended up being a blow out again so they left learly and him and hes friend came over after around like 930pmish. we just hung out in my room for alil wathcing 1000 ways to die god that show is stupid and the way ppl acutally died its like dude how coudl u b so stupid. but neway i was laying there with him andhes freind yes we all lay on my bed together ha but i was laying on my side facing the boy and he just ilke pulled up my shirt alil and started rubbing my stomach and then just looked at it weird idk y he did that i didnt ask i just let it go. but he really wanted to c saw 3d so thats what we did. he had to buy the tickets and snacks sincei still dont have money. but he got him self nachos with the cheese ont he side and he bought me a small popcorn with butter. i ate mayb like 10 bites of it and i just put it down i coudlnt eat it my stomach hrut so bad it got bloated and i felt like i had a rock in it. so he let me just have osem of hes nachos chips and he ate some of the popcorn. he didnt make me eat dinner though wichic was surrpising but i wwas happy.

now the movie yes the movie was good yes it wrapped up everyhting nicley but fucknghell it didnt have to b in 3d its liek nuttin even came flying at all nad u have to pay more for that shit cause u gotta buy the damn glasses andu have to wear the glasses casue if u dont the screen is a lil puzzy from the projectiont hey use but i wish they just made it nomral cause there was no need for the 3d.

today if orced myself to leave the house its so hard for me now jsut to get out of bed god i hate depression my body just hruts so bad and i gotta talk myself into leaving like onceim out of the house im ok yeah id rather be int he house on my bed but i cant spend allthe day there. so i went tot he gym today :) i decided tha ti needed a workout from all the day candy i have beeneating lately its like im not eating nehting nutritionist at all its just candy and i can feel the affect of it so gym and ima get back to my exteremly healthy eating. at the gym i did 35min on elly level 5 burned 233 cals and then i did 35 on steppy(stairstepper) level 3 140 cals burned so burned total of 373 cals.

i took a nice hot shoer after and tried to realx my back muslces god my back spasms are so bad and now im jsut writing this.
the rest of my day im spend it watching the law and order svu marathon that is on usa god love that show. also prob gonna read my book or fanfic. gonna make some bracelts. and i also gotta do my wash so gotta wash my clothes, sheets and comforter

so im off to start my laundry and make myself a huge salad. i will prob have a huge bowl of soup later in the day as well
love u all

helen-thank u hunny that means alot

frozenbeautiful-thanx hun

sarah-thanx i like sahring my outfits with ppl and i also like to get other ppls opionons

anna-thanx hun im dong better well al il at least

dolcecaramel-hey hunny i will always b here for u u know that right im gald my support helps heres my email if u ever wanna email me. c idc if ppl thati know read my blog cause really my family know si have issues and they dont snoop neway the boy knows about my ed and if ne of the ppl i went to school with find it o well fuck them i didnt care what they though make then so y would i care now

pixiestix014- they rent acutal real uggs they they are my fake uggs as i call them im too broke to affrod the real thing but thanx hun

happiness is on the outside-well go me for being in style except im not much for being in style but im not a hair dresser or nething im jsut crazy person who cut her own hair. and nope ur def not the only one out there trust me i die after a week but im in a serious relationship 7 years so it does die off form time to time but we try to doi t at least once a week u know and damnyeah i read ur pickle of a situation i hope my comment helped hun


  1. thx for following me :) you have a nice body as i can see from your last post! :))

  2. I'm glad you've had a good weekend. The party sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. Congrat son the party - it took a lot of courage. See how strong you are?


  4. SVU is the greatest show ever. We're all addicts in my house. :D

    I agree with you about the 3d movies--why can't they just make it normal? I really want to see the last Saw as well, but 3d gives me the worst headaches, I can't watch it for more than 20 mins. :(

  5. depression totally sux! i have been on meds for years but it doesnt still creeps in and camps out for awhile.

    stay focused on eating healthy :)