Tuesday, November 23, 2010


wow 200 followers damn i never thought that many ppl would read about my boring life but wow im so happy yay thank u all for following

sorry ididnt updtae yesterday i was completley dead to the world an di layed around alot and just tried not to move yes i was that tired idid take my mom to the grocery story but besides that ijust layed in bed alot yesterday

had work 2day i love wokring i love being busy and having things to do i love being able to leave thse hosue cause really i have to now cause of work so yes i love my job even though im completely spent by the tiem i get home and my feet hurt and my body hurts but i love it.

worked 2-7 2day got another 2-7 shift tomm and then black friday 10-7. we all have to wear the same shirt friday and they only had larges left the girl is like aww hunny im sorry its gonna b so big on u but do something fun with it so i was thinking long sleeve shirt then the shirt we have to wear with a belt arount it then a skirt leggings and im debathing on convers or boots and high socks or no high socks need opion there guys.

but i love all the ppl that i work with we area ll crazy and insane and outgoing and i love it. i totally forgot to take my break cause i was juts working an di didnt pay attention so i was demanded to take my 15 with like 45 min of my shift left os ijsut sat in the back dirnking my water talking to another coworker while she ate her dinner it was nice to get to know her.

i havent gotten tot he gym at all this week and idk if i will tomm i have 2 out of the 3 couins in the morinng and then work in afternoon. the older one as school yes she started school so we just got the 2 lil boys that will b a workout and then being on my feet at work that will b a far share amount of cals burned. ima c if the gym is open on tdat if it is i will go in the moring cause i wont get there firday i gotta work and i'll b exhausted after so yeah. but tomm i get to learn the register yay i wont b running around like a crazy person for a lil while i get trained on it :)

i took mom to walmrt today cause she needed to get a few things and while i was there i decided to pick up a few things i got hair ties, and 2 different types of clips and always tic tacs a gossip mag and a book( thirst number 1 by christopher pike)

i still need to get hair dye but i didnt get it today cause idk when ima ahve time to dye my hair i need time cause i like to do my hair 2 different colors so yeah i will do it eventually though and when i do i will post pics promise

food log

*low sugar oatmeal-120
*2 slices wheat toast-180

*grilled chiken salad(lettuce, 1 hard boiled egg no yolk, kosher pickle, croutons, cherry tomaots, grilled chicken, italin dressing)

*tomato herb soup-90
*brown rice single serve cup-230

*mug green tea
*2 liters of water

*over 15,000 steps taken(pedometer on at work)- 416 cals burned

ima have a snack soon ish i just dk what it is yet

skinny_el-omg yes its so exhausting but hey so worth it

mich-def not the only wacko trust me on that one

dolcecaramel- its water mix so check in that section target and walmart also have them as well

bellaana-i got my pedometer at target


  1. Well done on all the followers! That's awesome!
    Stay strong, lovely.

  2. Don't put yourself down hun!
    your life isn't boring!

    keep up the good work :)

  3. Thanks i'll check target we don't have walmart in australia :) Congrats on 200 followers- you deserve it, I love reading your blog, it isn't boring at all, it inspires and give me hope
    now that sounded really lame :P