Sunday, November 21, 2010


wow am i tired had my first shift at work today and having those 3 months with out and then doing a 5 hour shift is so tiring. my throat hurts from talkng the hole time im tired from constantly being on my feet. but i loved it i really like working there and all the ppl are just so nice. i baiscally spent the hole time just walking around folding clothes and organizing didnt get trained on register yet. but i can tell ima like the job already. im waiting for my shceudle to get emailed to me for i know when i work again. but just working there for those 5 hours burned 315 cals according tomy pedometer watch.

i have decided b4 my shifts that ima have a good meal for i have energy and then after iw ill have something small like soup or salad or soemthing. and i wont take ne pills b4 i go in either the pills will b taken after. ithink that will work out good.

mom deicded that she wanted to make me lunch b4 work so she made my some fries and 4 chicken nuggets in the oven it tasted good and im sure that i burned off most of it i know didnt burn off all but i def burnt off most at least half or more. idk that exact cals of the food.

ive been up since 2am i ended up crashing at 7pm sat nite and then woke up at 2am. once a week i just crash my body gets so tired from barely sleeping all week that by the time sat comes im wiped out and i end up sleeping like close to 8 miles and then i feel like shit cause im not use to sleeping that much. so yeah ive been up since 2am now.

the boy came over after the bar fora lil so i got to c him took him home at 6am and theni had a small scoop ice cream. at 10am had an apple at 12pm few pretzels then around 1230pm had the lunch mom cooked me and just now i ate a cup of tomato salsa soup, small salad and a few chips. think it was a pretty good day.

so gonna relax teh rest of the nite and read and watch tv


frozen beautiful- nope i dont live in pa i live in new jersey righton the border of pa and jersey though so im in pa alot but yeah lehigh is in pa

lilah lee-ha my blog was in ur dream reallyt hats weird and also funny yes no more eating ur roomates junk

acka11-dont give up keep applying everywehre even if its just seasonal work u cant give up some1 will call u u just gotta keep trying and yeah i pracutally live off of fruit i dont like much food

mich-haha yeah 9 earrings they just go all the way up and god i love the pain for piercings but its to quick at least the pain with the tattoo last longer :) i like pain

nee-yay for us thas great we are both working now

dolce caramel-yeah they do one packet is 10 cals so i split it into 2 bottles so 5 cals per bottle they are really yummy


  1. You were next on the list for me to check when i noticed a new one ^^
    I'm glad that you liked work hun, it will do you good! It's always tiring after being out of whack with it all for so long. I remember having 4 hour shifts and feeling exhausted at the end!
    Glad things seem to be going well (: Keep it up!

  2. I'm glad you liked your first day! And I'm glad I'm not the only wacko who likes pain, lol. :D

  3. glad you had a good first day at work :D and thanks, I haven't seen it around in supermarkets but i'm going to look for it soon!
    stay strong xx

  4. hooray for good days!! :) im glad you like your new job and :O:O i need one of those pedometers >.<

    xoxo Love you gorgeous