Thursday, November 25, 2010

back thinspo

so i was able to find some back thinspo thieres not much out there which sucks cause i love backs but here is what i found

yesterday i had my lil cousins for awhile i had 2 out of the 3 of them the older one started preschool and then she and her dad were gonna have some daddy daugther time and go to chuck e cheese god i havent been to that place in foreve ri wanna b a kid again and go and play
but neway ihad the 2 boys an dmy sis was home for schoolt oo for thanksgiving and she was so funny caus she hasnt seen them in like amonth and just there mannerisms and everything cracked her up but she had a great time and shes the only one who can get the one to nap when me and my mom are just home he wont nap but when my sis is home he will lay down on her andnap crazy
but yeah it was fun i got to c mycuddle bug and my wibble wobble yes nicknames i love nicknames

i had work yesterday as well they asked me to stay later i said i could stay an extra hour but had to leave after that and they said that was fine i ended up staying hour and 20 minutes longer cause i was helping someone and i couldnt just leave while i was helping her.
they wanted me to switch my black friday shift as well cause the one regulat employee cant/doesnt wanna work her shift im doing 10-7 and shes doing 3-11pm and they wanted me to do the 3-11pm but i told them i coudlnt i know thats prob mean and wrong but i dont wanna work that late and it say on my application that i cant work past 7 on fridays its theonly day i cant work past 7 so o well they didnt seem to mad and i stayed later that day so yeah i can b flexible just not on fridays hopefully they understand that.

but since i stayed later got a 30 minutes break and i went to walk around the mall just once b4 i sat down for the rest of my break and yeahi found out that subway closed it was the healthiest place at the mall and its no closed now all we have is pizza place and chinese so no eating mall food for me i really like subway u can get veggie sandwhich there ugh damn mall but i will just have to bring my own food from now on my 5 hour shifts i dont bring nehting with me ijsut eat b4 i go in but on my lik e9 hour sfits ima bring some food prob a salaf or fruit bowl cause i get tired from constatnly walking around i burn a good amount of cals but i get dizzy and tired and stuff

food log for yesterday

*3 egg whites
*english muffin

*bag frozen green beans
*few honey wheat pretzels

* tomato herb soup
*few honey wheat pretzels

*dinner roll

so far today i just had some dry bran flakes and an english muffin
its thanksgiving and my mom is cookiing for the first time in years so ima just have alil of what she makes wel i cant have the rolls or the potatos cause of the dairy in them but ima have a lil turkey and make myself a backed potato and then have some veggies
she also got some apple pie as well so i'll have alil piece of that as well

well im off to shower straighten my hair, do crunches and watch the game(yes im sure u dont know what im talking bout but here my town and the next town over have this huge tday game tradition 104 years straight. they are rivals like big rivals and dontplay in nomral seaosn because of the seperate states but every thanksgiving they play a game they play it at the local college stadium cause it sells out every year. and they paly it on tv so ima watch that since im not going this year.

love u all stay tsrong
have a great thanksgiving


  1. Love the back thinspo :) and yeah, read Portias book it's pretty good
    have a fun thanksgiving!

  2. I like the 5th one down the best.... but they are all beautiful :)