Sunday, August 15, 2010


so today was my day off of work yes i got a day off yay me and i always use it to run around like a crazy person and that is what i did. i meant to get up at 8am today but yeah i didnt get up til 9 which put me an hour behind but i wasnt freaking out to much cause really i had/have all day to do it so i was ok with it. but the plan for today was to go tanning, then to 2 diffrent gorcery stores and to target which i did do so i got it all in just took alil longer then i thought cause i took my time and it was drizzling a lil so yeah.

food log so far today
*cup of tea
*2 nature valley bars-190
*5 cherry tomatoes

*so delicious no dairy ice cream sandwhich-90 cals

so my first stop of the day was to work i didnt have to work today but i wanted to tan so i got there arund 10am then spent an hour talking 2 di(my coworker and best friend) yes once we get talking its hard for us to stop but yeah so we talking for an houw. then i went into the 12 minutes bed turned off the fans cause i wanted to feel all the warmth i was cold enough as it was. then we ended up talking a lil more then the boss's girlfriend came it ugh annoying shes all like whena re u going to get married uve been together with him for 7 years its time for him to step up im iike im still young we will get married when we get married theres no rush but damn she kept going on and shes so fucking annoying y does she have to judge everything that i do just fuck off already

i didnt tell her the real reason y we arent married yet or y we arent thinking about it cause really its none of her business but they reason we arent yet is cause my edscares him hes afraid that once we mnove in together and get married that i wont eat and that he wont know if i eat or not cause he wont b home he'll b at work. i know my ed scares him so i try to eat more when im with him to try and show him that i do eat just cause im anorexics it doesnt mean that i just dont eat completly i just cut cals and restrict alot

ok after work went to target wondered around there alot the basket was killing my arm ha istill got th ered marks on it f romt that but at target i got:

*tums(for my acid refulx)

*one a day vitmains sour gummies

*clean and clear morning burst face wash

*24 pack colored pencils

*nail polish pen- fuchsia chrome

* 3 vitamin water 0

*3 sobe life water o

then it was off to shoprite my first grocery store stop i didnt need much so ijust got a basket but my mom wanted me to pick something up for her so it made the basket a lil more heavy u should of seen me trying to carry it but hey i managed and im sure my arms got a great work out :) got:

* box fat free saltines

* bag of grapes

* 1 pound bing cherries

* 2 pints blueberries

* 1 lb bag carrots

* ready to serve yellow rice

* box of dairy free so delicious neapolitian mini ice cream bars

* box of 100 cal pretzel sticks- 10 bags in the box

* 1 box frozen mixed veggies

* 4 boxes frozen green beans

my last stop was to stop and shop. the have a make ur own salad bar and fruit bar so yay.
*salad(elttuce, 3 tomaotes, 3 cucmber, 3 croutons, 3 lil noodles

*fruit bowl(strawberries, honey dew, cantalope, mango, blackberries

*ready pack snack( carrots grapes pretzels and cheese)-160 cals

ima eat the salad soon and dirnk alot more water cause i havent drank ne today
the fruit bowl ima have to breakfast tomm
the ready pack snack is going to b lunch tomm

picutre of my salad i made, my fruit bowl and the ready pack snack thing


  1. Haha I went to target today too!

    Toy story was funny and adorable, my mom cried cuz she's a sissy XP

  2. i use the same face wash, its really good. sounds like you had a lovely day beside that dum girl whining for you to get married :P ug, people should mind their own shit.

    ps- how tall are you if you dont mind me asking? im just wondering because my first UGW was 80lbs like yours and then it changed to 75 as yours is now.

    reply: thanks for the advice you always give me and all the nice things you say xxoo your so lovely. im going to talk to boyfriend and see what i can do. i really want him to see a doctor.

  3. Ash-i love target i spend way to much moneythere everytime i go

    Thinxxxspo-o yay for same face wash i keep trying different trying to find one that will work best
    im 5'5 hun right no i pushed it back up to 90 lbs i will c how i feel when i get there ifi ever fucking get there