Friday, August 6, 2010

even more thinspo

so yeah im on a thinspo kick lately so bare with me im sure ua ll dont mind u get to c thinspo perfect girls that we all strive to look like or even better :)

im doing a lil better with my depression today wel i was till i went to target and got depressed again.

i self harm and i dont want to stop nor can i stop. so my razor blades that i have are dull so i went to target to get more flavored water and more blades. well i go tot he aisle and they are all out of the kind i use and i was so pissed i wanted them so bad ugh. so sunday im going to go to home depot and get some there. im going grocery shopping that day and the homedepot is right next tot he gorcery stor ei use to score. im so excited to getmore u have no idea god ijust cant wait i need/ want them so bad :)

i ate more then iwanted to already today:
*dry sepcial k choc delight
*cup of porpcorn
*4 cookies

i know i gotta stop eating the fucking cookies ugh i fucking suck i know and u can say it cause i know it

i havent even really drank that much today yet either
*cup of green tea acai bluberry
*liter of water
*bottle of water

so at targer i got 6 different falvors of vitamin water 0 and 3 differnt flavors of sobe life water 0
also got 2 boxes of tea im addcited to tea they are both by lipton flavors: green tea purple acai blueberry and green tea mangosteen and peach
also got a book as well cause really ic ant go to target with out getting a book i have an addiction i know

so its date nite witht he boy tonite we are going to dinner where idk yet adn i nomrally dont know till i pick him up but i will prob just get a salad or a wrap and then we are going to go tothe movies to c the other guys

i have teh hole wkd off so the plan for tomm is to drive to a verizon store and get my phone fixed i have the envy touch and it likes to shut its self off and reset its self mutliple times a day and the verizon store in my town cant fix it mother fuckers so ugh i gotta go out of town to do that and i also plan on cleaning my car tomm tis disgusitnly dirty and its in need of a major cleaning

im trying to do better guys im trying tonot let my depression take overu know its just hard at times

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