Friday, August 27, 2010


cw-102 lbs
waist-23 inches
hips-29 inches
neck-12 inches
thighs-16.5 inches
bust-32 inches
wrist-5.5 inches

outfit for the nite

so ihavent eaten nething yet today i know i should and this isnt the way ima recover but i just cant so o well with that. last nite for dinner i ended up eating some bread and some pasta yeah i freaked the fucked out after that like bad c that is y i dont eat nomral meals cause i freak out so bad and my head hurt and my chest hurt so yeah never again not happening. i only eat semi normal meals with the boy on friday nites but i msitly suually get salads but someitmes i get a normal meal just to make him happy. tonite we are going out idk were we are going but im hoping they kinda have a veggie burger cause ive been kinda craving one lately

*one and half liters of water
*vitamin water0

i have a cup of tea and another liter of water sitting in front of me rigth nwo that i will drink b4 we go out tonite

so since icant find a therapist i guesss i have kinda deicded that ima lose as much weight as i can until i can find the help that i need

ok so i pulled out all my books that i have yet to read yet and piled them up and took a pic yeah this is all the books that i have yet to read and i have 3 more on the way from amazon as we speak


  1. dude I'm in the same boat book-wise I swear like 80% of my paycheck goes to books!

  2. I totally want that many books.
    You look good!

  3. You're book pile is as big as mine! Everyone thinks I'm a weirdo... I love Amazon. Getting books in the mail is the best.

  4. o i have a hug book addcition its bad