Wednesday, August 25, 2010


so i emailed a therpist last nite shesa bout 30 minutes away from me and i fugred yeah u know she sounds good and she speicalizes in ed's so yeah so i emailed her and everything she answered me almost right away but unfortanually she said that she cant help me right now all her free range spots are filled and theres one person above me on the waiting list she said if i dont have neone by november to contact there she would b happy to help and at whatever price i can afford

i cant wait til november i know that i know my body cant do it and i will prob end up int eh hopital b4 then if i dont get help

so i will have to keep looking and hope i find something soon i dont have much luck though so i guess we wiill just wait and c

the boy made me go shopping today ugh i hate food shooppng espeically wheni really really dont want to eat i was content with my fridge being empty and only have granpla bars apples and oatmeal but he said i had to go so i went togday

first i went to target got:

*6 vitamin water o's

*mega t green tea diet pills

*4 pack of tic tacs orange kind

*pack of hair clips

*2 mini composition books

then went to shoprite:

*2 pints blueberresi

*pound of bing cherries

*small bananas

*bag of carrots

*bag of grapes

*romaine lettuce hearts

*veggie protein trukey slices

stop and shop

i made my own lil salad there its elttuce 3 tomotes 3 cucumbers and some like noodle things. i also made my own fruit cup had blueberreis, strawberreis, honey dew, cantalope, blackerberreis and raspberries. im not sure how many cals but they both cant b much and i like fruit fruit and salad doesnt freak me out

food log so far:


*fruit cup i made-?

*liter of water

*bottle of water

*vitamin water0

*cup of hot tea

ima have the salad for dinner and mayb a snack b4 bed

i will update more later prob to let u all know whats going on
102.2 this morning :)


  1. oh wow im glad you have a chance for an ed specialized therapist, thats awesome! and thankyu for that bit actually, im such a dork, i didnt know there were therapists specialized in ed. but hello, they have dr.s that specialize in pretty much every aspect of the medical field so i shouldve known tha! XD

    i tend to go ovr board with my shopping and make a big list which i only buy a quarter of by time i actually get around to it ^^ i do need to get me more cream of wheat and granola/cereal/museli bars though!

    good luck hun! best wishes! xxoo

  2. goshI<3target XP

    Its great your looking for help! Even a therapist who doesnt specialize in EDs could help you though. Its the underlying causes of the ED that are important. But I still hope you find one!