Sunday, August 8, 2010


so i just wrote out this hole post and then it didnt work or post itself so now i gotta write it out again ugh sucks i prob wont even write out the hole thing or mayb i will

plan for today
*home depot
*grocery store
*make my homemade tomato salsa soup
*look for a job
*watch tv/movies

im going to have part of a lazy day today i need one even though i prob dont deserve one but neway

grocery list
soup ingredients
*5 tomatoes
*herbox sodium free granualted chicken buillion
*2 16 oz pacakages california veggies

(i have the rest of the soup ingredients at home already)

*2 whole cantalopes
*2 packages strawberries
*3 apples

salad stuff
*romaine lettuce leaves
*crushed walnuts

theni will wonder around the store c if nehting else catches my eye that islow cal. u know we will c though

yesterday went pretty good drepession wise i kept myself busy for i coudlnt think about itmuch keeping busy is a good thing. me andmy bro went to clinton to get my phone fixed the verizon in my mall doesnt do tech support so we had to go to clinton to get it fixed stupid envy touch of a phone ugh. so we were there for like 30 minutes and then had to update all my software on it but atl east it works now well at least for now its only been a day

after i cleaned my care just theoutside not the insdie and im so sore for that as it is i spent 2 hours cleaning it was dirty it needed a good clean which also gave me a great workout i have to do the inside sometime this week

after that i went with my sis she wanted to go to best buy to get a movie and then we stopped at the gorcery store that has a salad bar so i coudl make my own salad. i also made my own fruit cup thats still in my fridge but i ate my salad for dinner last nite had lettuce, 3 cucmber slices, 6 cherry tomatoes, 6 croutns and lil spoon of like corn bean mix thing idk it tasted good

i had to eat a few horus again after that cuase my heart was bugging me so much it was crazy and then i took a nap after that i wore myself out yesterday

i also went for a walk as well and i fell yup flat on the ground scrapped uo my knee and my hand but i wasnt bleeding much soi got to keep going on mywalk. there was a purpoose to my walk andi had to go to the places and get what i need. soi got to the first place and cleaned up my cuts then boughtmy starburst(if i want candy like that i make myself walk to get it for i can burn the cals off) then i went to dunkin donuts and got my medium unsweetned iced tea(5)

i spend the rest of nite relaxing and reading waiting for the boy to come over after the bar

ok is hould get up now and get showred and start on my list for the day
love u all
stay strong


  1. That soup sounds delish. Post photos when you make it!

  2. i can give u the recipe if u want
    its 57 cals per 1 cup i found the recipe online its really good
    i posted the recipe a lil while back buti can post it again

  3. oh yes do post it! ^__^ sounds good and i love the cals!