Monday, August 2, 2010


so yesterday i ended up applying to 3 jobs yay for that it took me for ever and iwanted to stop at 2 but i have this weird obession with the number 3 so i had to do 3 jobs no matter how tired or weak i got i had to keep going til i applied to 3 and i finally did it it took me like 4hours but i did it. al 3 are at different hositals and they are clerical work like filing, secetrary receptionist all wrapped into one u know something i can do

yeah so work was interestng to say the least today manly because i thought i was going 2 throw up then pass out for like 2 hours straight yup that was me. it came on all of sudden one minute i was doing all the filing since im in charge of that and theni get dizzy and shaky like i was visibly shaking i got reallyt hot and my heart starting doing crazy shit more crazy that what im use to and i felt like i was going to throw up to the point were i ran to the bathroom thinkng i was going to. i didnt throw up but it came out the other end yop sorry tmi but yes i had bowl movement and i had one everytime i ate today no matter how small the amount of food was i would get nasous and have to run to the bathroom and bam bowl movement it was out. i felit like i was going to throw up from about 11am-2pm and then i was ok for a lil until i went tot he gym but get to that later. i dont know what is wrong with me im coughing again so i guess im prob getting sick again which fuck i hate or my ed is just trying to kill me but that is nuttin new there.

i think one of the 3 jobs i applied to yesterday callled my boss today the one phone rang an di looked at the caller id and it said the name of one of thehopsitals i applied too. i didnt tell him i was applying and im not going to becuase hes a prick and he doesnt deserve to know. i was going to warn him but he barely talks to me so whats the point and i didnt think they would call already mayb it means i have a bigger shot at the job then i thought.

after work i went to target i really needed more tea and i wanted some cereal. so i got a box of lipton green tea crancerry promgrante tea bags, box of special k choc delight and box of the fiber one plus cinnamon crunch something cereal(sorry i forgot the exact name)

after target went to the gym for the first time is fuck over 2 weeks since ive been sick. i decided to start out with elly just cause i love that machine well while i was stretching my heart started to hurt to the point were i grabbed my chest and jsut stood there for a minute theni t calmed down so i went to step on the machine and fuck did i almost fall off i had to catch myself app my balance still isnt all that great(not that is ever was to begin with) so i did 25 min on elly by the end of it my heart was beating out of my chest and i mean that literally cause i put my hand on my sternum and i felt it pounding out like acutally felt it. so then i went to step off of elly and clean and i started to have a coughing attack ugh hate those bu ti got it calmed down and managed to get the machine clean.

so instead of pushing myself to hard i decided to walk on the treadmill and read for 45 minutes. im weird at times and i like to hold on tot he heart rate sensors to c what it is so i was walking for about 38 min at this point at a slight incline and i grabbed on to the senors and my heart rate was 88 which i though was low since i was walking for awhile. so then for the coold down i held on again for the minutes straight and my heart rate was all over the palce and i mean all over this is how it went and it would change every few seconds 73,68,70,73,70,72,740,69 yyo it changed that much so im guessing that i have a pretty bad irregular heartrate lovely just add it tothe list of my problems y dont ya

so the rest of the nite im gong to watch secret life of the american teenager whiole doing curnches from 8-9 then prob fomr 9-11 ima read either shutter island, bloodletting, or the one fic im reading i will prob jump between the 3 and also do more crunhces

i already have my plan for tomm pretty much figured out but im not gonna post it cause i dont wanna jinx it so u will find it out tomm

and tomm i have the kids yay i miss them so much they really do help eith my depression i can focus on them for a few hours and not me and they really brighten up my day so hopefully work will go quick for i can get home to them

food/exercise log:
*cup o fhot promgrante green tea-0cals
*bottle of water-0 cals
*2 small apples w cinamon-120 cals
*1/2 cup blueberries-40 cals

at work 10-3pm
*liter of water-0 cals
*sobe life water0-0 cals
*cup of cantalope-55 cals
* cup of strawberries-50 cals

snack b4 gym
*nectarine-50 cals

*25 min elly level 5- 178 cals burnt
*45 mine tready hill workout level 10 speed 3.0- 160 cals burnt
*7017 steps taken thru out day-169 cals

* box of frozen mixed veggies-210 cals
*6 aspargus spears-20 cals

got liter of water and my cranberry promgrante green tea sitting in front of me right now

i think i might let myself have one ofmy microwavble popcorn bags i got the 100 cal ones so mayb i will have one of those later tonite as well


  1. i love secret life!
    great job getting back to the gym.

  2. Ooooh 100 cal microwave popcorn! That's awesome. :) I'm heaps jealous.

  3. secret life is just amzing istn it
    u can buy it at the sore u ge 4 lil bags in a pack they are the cutest bags ever u just pop one and bad u got 100 cals worth of popcorn