Tuesday, January 11, 2011


no swnow here for us new jersey ppl yet well at least nto in my area im north east new jersey so im up there but jsut looked out the window no snow yet and they keep chanigng there mind on when its gonna come and how much then have said 2-4, 3-6. 4-8, 8-12 inches they have no fucking clue they are just guessins so its just a waiting game now wait to c how much snow is there is in the morning.

im going to philly tomm sis has to cheer at a basletball game so me and dad r takign her up watchin the game and then brining her back home it was orginally suppose to b me and my bor going up in my car but with the snow i told them we werent taking my car my bro was gonna drive cause i cant drive in that traffic i can barelydrive in my small town but neway so da is driving and i get to c my sis cheer yay. she goes backs unday for the new semester its gonna b werid with her not being here all the time cause my bro will go back to hes school soon as well but good tihng about tomm is i wont b able to eat mcuh a) we will b driving and 2) college game food is prob all greasy and i cant eat grease at all me and grease have never gotten along

i went to the gym eysterday and today i nomrally dont go on days i have to work but i went today cause thers a good chance i wont get there tomm i did 65 minon elly today like i normally do and i read "awakened" almsot done with it cant wait its such a good book.

they fiannly told us who there were keeping at work c i was just hired as seasonal but soemitems they keep some seasonal ppl after and they told me today that they kept me and one other girl they are like u worked really hard over xmas so we are keeping u. so pressure off i have a job it wont b much money cause there arent many hours avaialbe since its really slow now but if i can work like 3 days a week and still getmy unemplyment i will b ok im still waitng to here bout my uncles job im counting on that one its fully time and i will have benefits after 3months i really need benenfit

so nto much to say 2day it was a boring day gym adn work thats eat i ate more theni wanted i gotta get my cals down

food log

*can of progessive light southwestern veggie soup-120
*2 bits of brownie?
*few spoons of ice cream

*sour gummi worms-?

snakc at work
*5 slices apple-30
*2 vegan cookies-92.26

*1/2 cup vegan macroni salad- 179
*cup of veggie soup-45
*4 tator tots?
/8grand biscuit-180 cals

*2 mugs green tea
*1 liters of water

*65 mins elly around the world hill workout- 459 cals burned
* 5 hours working- 714 cals burned

becky- im confused what are u apologizing for? and the cookies are yummy u should make them

bestlilskinnybitchinthe world- its very good u should make it soemtimes


  1. I'm glad you get to stay on at work. Money is always nice. : ) We got quite a bit of snow where I live. I have mixed feelings about it - it's pretty, but a pain to drive in and freaking COOOOLLLD!!!

  2. wow, nice calorie burn!!
    and i agree, money IS always good(:
    New jersey-- I went there, and I love that "new joysey" accent :D

    stay strong girl~


  3. yay for employment (:
    and have fun tomorrow!
    idk if you like snow, but if so i hope you get some! i'm enjoying it down here in the south! hehe.
    your calorie burn motivates the heck out of me! you go girl!

  4. I am also terribly jealous of your calorie burning! And congrats on keeping the job, best of luck!

  5. That's great they kept you at your job! It's so nerve-wracking going into seasonal retail and worrying whether or not they're going to fire you after the holidays. One less thing to worry about now. :D

    How do calculate how many cals you burned at work? I'm definitely not on my feet that much at my job, but I'd love to know how many cals I burn throughout the day.


  6. I hope you got as much snow as me and got to shovel for some exercise!
    It's so weird when siblings leave for school again. Everything gets so quiet. It's just eerie.