Saturday, January 29, 2011


so undesirable number 1 gave me the honesty scrap award thank u very much for that i know my life isnt really interesint but im glad some1 enjoys reading it. ok so i guess that i should do the 10 facts then hmm lets c

1) i use to hate reading like hated it with a passion i only readon book in high that was assigned and that was "of mice and men" every other booth i didnt read and just bullshitted my way thru. i didnt get started into reading until my first semester of college when i had this amzing readin teacher she got me hooked and im so grateful fo rthat now i dont go newhere with out a book

2) my dream job was to go to school for phycis and be an engineer and design rollercoasters. i toook one physic class in high school last semest o fmy senior year and i loved it but by that point i fucked up to much to even think about getting into a school for that and my ed had a hold of me that i woiudlnt b able to go away to school neway so instead i stayed at home when to community college and spent 4 years trying to get my assocaites degree in accounitng management which i did manage to get evneutally

3) i have a very addcitive personality so im easily addicted to things but pain is the most think im adicted to the piercins the tattoos i have 2 tattoos(saving up for a 3rd) an di have 19 peircings.

4) wheni was lil instead of seimming in a pool i use to sit in a bucket filled with water y idk but i guessi thought it was funny that i was that small that i could fit into it yes my parents to have picture proof of it

5) i make my own bracletes and computer backgrounds i wish i was more artistic then that and i wish that i could draw but i cant so i center everything on those 2 things and they keep me calm and my mind distracted

6) i did gymnastics for 8 years and it was my dream at one point to b in the olympics and i think that i would of made it if i didnt fuck up my body so much with injuires

7) im addcited to dinsey moives the old school ones like toy story and beauty and the beast the new animation ones just arent the same at all if u ask me. i also watch the disney channel and nick alot as well

8) i love to sit here and watch the efood network and think of all the food i want but cant have or wont let myself have yes im a mashtics o well

9) ihave never been comfortable in my own skin i feel like i was born at the wrong time n the wrong body in the wrong era even im constantly second guessin gmyself and everyhting that i do i wish i was born int he flapper era for i could wear the cool outfits

10) o and ima huge huge klutz i can trip over nething and i mean nething thin air even i can trip and fall over just walking in flats but surprisinlgy i can walk pretty well in wedges yeah i know weird sense of ballacne there

ok now the 5 ppl that i wanna nominated hmm idk this is gonna b hard so ima do it randomonly then

1) Skeleton Srong
2) Scared Blogger
3) Bree
4) Desepree de maigre(sorry i spelled it wrong)
5) The Best Little Skinny Bitch in the World

well there u have it sorry if my facts arent that intersting im extrememly tired at the moment u know my im alsways exhausted

well date nite went ok last nite i kind pissed him off i ended up getting out of work at 5pm insteadn of 7 since there were slow they let me go ealry and i got hom e relaxed alil read and fixed my hair then i layed down and i was supposeto pick him up at 815 and i dosed off and was late picking him up he was so mad at me and he had every right to b cause it was my fault i shodlnt of let myserlf dose off i shouldo f been there on time i shoudl stop making him mad and pushing him away and stop fucking up i should b perfect for him and make himahppy and keep oour relastionship going

things got better as the nite went on and he calmed down and everything was ok we ende dup going to tgi fridays and our friend tagged along again ugh everytime i wish me and him could just have some alone tme but hes friend came with us. and now to keep the boy happy i eat good with himon firdays i try to push all my ed issues aside and the panic and just let myself eat yeah its hard cause i do freak out alot and the food does hurt like a bitch cause its not use to it and most restruannt food has either some from of glutenor dairy in it and it just killed me but yeah neway i let myself eat with him

he orded mozzy sticks for an apetizer and i had 2 of them i cut them into 3 peices and ate them athat way the flared up my acid reflux bad

and i try to order different things iwth him he gets frstrated if i only order salads all the time so i oreder this new dish called chicken picceta pasta it was really tasty but it hrut like a bitch so so bad my stomach was in knots and it felt like there was rock in it and i was nasoues

then they had this new dessert calle doreo madness its bascailly oreo ice cream sandhwich betwwen 2 soft oreo tops u can get half or doulbe i got half and it was the prefec tprotion

needless to say i was in alot of pain and th food did go right thru me
when we got home we watched a movie "frozen" it was good i hated the ending though but im hard when it comes to endings cause i hate to c things end but moives have to end but it doesnt mean that i have to like it

well neay im done rambling its 8am and i have been up sicne 5am i had 3 fries anda few bites of left over dinner form last nite which went right thru me again and now i just had some rice cakes and aliter of water ima get changed adn go to the gym get alil workout in and then ocme home and crash for alil until i have to go to work at 4

scared blogger-i ansered ur questions in the response to ur blog but htank u so much for following

undesriable number one- i got the shirt form kohls and the sweater from old navy

bestlilskinnybitchintheworld- i will prob never ever b fully happy wiht myself but thanx hun yeah ih ate binging cycles they fuck up everyitng


  1. you sat in a bucket? Not even like one of those blow up swimmy pools...a bucket? little kids do the weirdest things.

    I love all the old disney stuff. The new movies all suck because they're not hand drawn. All the computer stuff is terrible.

  2. I used to be in gymnastics too. It was also my dream to go to the Olympics. I got hurt too. :(
    I also love watching Disney movies and I too watch the Disney Channel along with Nick. Such kids we are. :)

  3. That's how I am, I save up all my energy for workouts and then fall asleep when I'm done. I don't have a job yet which is bittersweet.
    I used to do gymnastics, but I sucked asssssss at it lol. I was like the little fat girl lumbering around and barely making any difference.
    I'm sorry you had such bad acid reflux reactions, hun. That sucks. I have that a little bit as well. I usually only get it when I eat dairy, though...
    Stay Strong =]

  4. I was always a dancer growing up, but was in AWE of the gymnasts at my studio. I would beg my mom to let me do gymnastics too, but she wouldn't let me do both. I still love watching them on TV during the Olympics and stuff.

    Sorry the food caused you so much discomfort. : ( Mozz sticks are SO GOOD (and dangerous) to me!

  5. I'm addicted to piercings as well. I have 12.

  6. Wow,

    and thank u.<3
    And I want to add u on msn, I recently set one up but I dont n how to add ppl,
    and yes u were the first person I talked to on pt
    and I <3 Disney,

  7. Haha I ♥ Disney Movies and I too did gymnastics before I fractured my back when I was younger =)

    Sorry about the acid reflux hope you feel good soon =)

    ♥ x

  8. I think you should find a photo of yourself in a bucket and post it. :D

    We have much in common. I totally agree with being born in the wrong era. And yay for Disney movies!!! I'm such a klutz, too. Funny, people don't make fun of me for it since I went blonde.

    I feel like your boy should be a little more considerate of your stomach issues. You shouldn't be pressured into eating things that will make you sick. <3