Friday, January 21, 2011

tat design

so i spent all mornint doing this and its still not done got some more cleaning up and tweaking to do but i figured u guys would want to c it
i want it on my upper back between shouler blades or on them going acorss it depends on how they can fit it.
does ne1 have ne idea how much this is gonna cost me? i need to know fori can start saving up

i will post latermy outfit for date nite
i gotta paint my nails now though ijust cleaned up my room al il and ive been readin alot too but barely sleeping thanx to my depression kicking some mahor ass
o and thers another 5 inches of snow outside fucking winter


bree-yeah i wanna get another one im so pprud of u for gettign help and tyring to b healhtier thats a great and big deal and iwill def follow ur blog


frozen beautiful- its far from perfect put thanx hun

undesirablenumber1- oo what is ur next one going to b? and how many do u have already? well they said they would help witho ut insurance but it was like 200 bucks or so and i coulnt afford that and if i wanted to do sliding scale i would have to wait 6 months so yeah i wanted the hehlp then i dont want it now. and got all of them off a eating disorder treatment website like they specialize in that

brittany ann-yes c u descirbie in away that i coudlnt but thats what im doing

mich-yeah they are always so happy to c me


  1. How big do you want your tat?

  2. what do the words say above the tat?

    I have one right now. It's "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" across my foot. It needs some touching up. The one I'm saving up for is one of Tenniel's orginal sketches for Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. The one where she's holding the flamingo and the hedgehog is running away. It's gunna be big. On the like right side of my back near my side. I have some other's in mind but they're all literary.

    Sometimes I hate the psych system. Ridiculous.

  3. my best mates a tattoo artist about 350 but that's in australia. looks hot