Sunday, January 2, 2011


first off HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone i didnt post yesterday so i had to say that first

second its only gonna b a short post im not feeling really well ive been in pain since yesterday my stomach my sides just ugh i hate this but its my own fault last nite hate grease today ate grease im not suppose to b eatng grease, or dairy, or glutton, or extra fiber nething basically there arent many things i can eat which is a good thing cause i will lose weight but ppl make me eat it and then im in massive pain gotta love stomach intestine issues but neway im in pain an dall i wanna do is lay down and watch tv so thats what ima do.

did get tot eh gym this moring though did 65 min on elly :) the machine said i burnt 475 cals but my heart monitor said 654 so im going with the heart monitor on that one.

id idnt do nehting for new years i worked til 630 came hole ate alil then slept cause ididn tgeel good the boy came over around 1am and stayed til 8am he went out for a lil i cant deal with crowds so he went out with hes friends for alil then came over.

had to go to my nanos house yesterday but i did good eating there sicne they knowmys tomach i had 2 small bowls of salad and a lil of my vegan mac and cheese the boy wanted to go out to eat later and ive been in pain since ugh i cant chicken tenders and fries cause everything esle has rice with it that was grilled and sincei got sick on rice and pringles the other day i cant eat it nemore.

but ne way here are the recipes i made the other day sorry no pictures but here they are and one of this days i will update my recipe page.

ALmost vegan chicken and veggie soup:
*its not quite vegan cause i coudlnt find sodium free veggie builion so i had to use sodium free chicken buillion

*6 cups water
*1.5 cups hunts diced no salt added diced tomatos basil garlic and oregano( the can acutally had those in it)
*1.5 cups del monte no salt added cut green beans canned and drained
*1.5 cups del monte mixed veggies no salt added canned and drained
*4 cubes or packets of herbox sodium free chicken buillion
*packages of Quorn meatless soy free naked chick n cutlets(comes frozen 4 pack

cals on each ingredient
* water-0
* hunts diced tomatos-87.5
*del monte green beans-50
*del monte mixed veggies- 100
*4 packettes buillion-40
*Quorn meatless chicken- 320

total cals in recipe 597.5


*boil chickeni n 6 cups of boiling water til done
*take chicken out and cut into bite size pieces
*put back into water
*open and drain green beasn and mixed veggies measure and all to chicken and water
*open canned tomatoes dont drain measure add to pot
*then add 4 packettes of buillion
*cook til done(soprry dont know exact time ijust let it cook and stir it occasionally til it felt hot enough
*the recipe says 12 servings i dint acutally measure it but it took up 2 big containers that i use fo rmy other 12 serving recipe

so i figured a serving is one cup cause thats how soup normally is so 12 servings at 1 cup each = 50 cals per serving well exaclty 49.791667

i havent tried it yet cause i was sick wehn i was making it but ima try it soon i beat its good though i like everything that is in it

Vegan Mac and Cheese
this is acutrally really good i have had it and it doesnt hur tmy stomach the cals are alil higher then i expected but i have to use glutton free rice pasta so

*1 cup soy unsweetned almond milk
*4 oz galaxy vegan shreds mozzarella flavor
*1/2 lb pasta- tinkyada brown rice pasta penne
*5/8 tsp salt

Cals in each ingredient
*soy almond milk-35
*veggie shreds- 140

totals cals= 1015

Cook and drain pasta according to to the instructions on box. Preheat oven @ 450 F. Combine milk and salt in a small sauce pan and heat at medium. Bring to a boil, make sure you watch it because it reacts just like regular milk!! Once it is boiling, put heat on low and stir in cheese until melted.
Place pasta in a casserole dish and pour the cheese over and stir till all the noodles are covered. Place in oven for 10-12 minutes.

makes 4 servings. 1 serving= 253 cals

so there u have it my 2 recipes now its time to aly down and watch tv and relax the plan for tomm is to go to gym early and then spend all day in bed watching pretty little liars marathon then watching the new episode at 8 u gave off til wednesday so yaya

o and heres a pic of my outfit that i wore yesterday dont mind the fatness ugh still 104 lbs

bree-hey hun i will def have to check out ur blog

pixie-yeah i got tired of lieing to hima ll the time so we talk about my ed now ilove cherries as well i hope that u can find some soon

thin_envy-o im sorry that ur sicka s welll thats not fun

nee-we are the same hieght really :) im not that tiny trust me


  1. so basically I've been reading your blog and I think your outfits are really cute :)

  2. Those recipes sound delish.

    I'm sorry you have stomach problems. :/

    Happy new year, though!

    I lovve when you post pictures of your outfits!


  3. hey honey!
    ive got a new blog
    would be nice if u follow.


  4. Good recipes!
    I´m sorry your stomach is hurting, I have intestinal problems too and I know how much it hurts
    You are sooo tiny(L)

  5. Cute outfit (and by the way 104 is so admirable! Don't be so hard on yourself m'dear!)

    Your recipes looks great! I make a vegan alfredo that is also really good on pasta and veggies (usually I do rice or kamut pasta with peas) that's basically, soymilk, silken tofu, a bit of mustard, nutritional yeast, cornstarch and lots of fresh pepper. It's low in fat if you use low fat soymilk/tofu and has good protein. You basically just heat everything in a saucepan and then blend it until it's smooth and creamy.

    Thanks for the comments about my resolutions! I hope you resolve to eat only things that don't hurt your poor tummy! Stay strong :)

  6. Those recipes sound amazing; I can't wait to try them. <3