Monday, January 3, 2011


do u ever wish while ur searching for thinspo that uw ill c ur self among it i always do but of course im too fat to b considered thinspo

not feeling goof at the moment so here is a thinspo post hope u like i will try and do a real update later

*undesirable number 1-thanx hun

*S- they are good surprisnly

*skinnypeach-im following ur blog now

*broken-hate intesintal issues they are so painful

*desepree-i cant eat tofu i get really sick and my heart starts beating so fast that i think im having a heart attack and then i throw up so yeah no tofu for me


  1. I don't think I'll ever see myself as thinspo. :( I bet you'll find pics of you floating around thinspo sites--all those photos of you looking teeny tiny in your Friday date night outfits! ;)

  2. Every single time I look up thinspo I'm constantly searching for me. It's like a little goal, to be someone else's thinspo. One day it'll happen. As for you, I'm sure your tiny legs are floating around somewhere!

  3. Very gorgeous. No opinion on finding myself though!


  4. Being *thinspo* would be the ultimate compliment I think. But still, I would have mixed feeling about it - like I wouldn't necesarily want other girls to strive to look like me because I would know what hell it was to get there. : )

  5. thx for following me :) love the first thinspo!!! this girl is so amazing... i love her teint, her boobs, everything!!!!
    stay strong, keep pretty

  6. I loooove the girl with the zip up hoodie. That is how I wish I could look <3