Monday, January 31, 2011


so yeah i was suppose to have off today but i ended up getting called into work so i never go tot he gym like i wanted to the one girl calle dout all week ugh annpying so i had to work 11-5 2day and push everything that i wanted to do today back til my next day off which is wednesday i really hate when my plans get messed up im not good with change it bugs me and scares me and annoys me.

i was on register all day today cause iw as covering for the girl that is alays on regester and it was slow as fuck all day so it was really boring me and the other co worker were just standing around alot while everyone else started counting stuff for inventory that they were doing tonite

the one girl waslike shocked though i cam back from mu meal break and shes liek what did u eat andi told her i had a nectarine and some applesauce shes like thats it thats all u ate and ur full im like yeah so idk were that came from like what encouraged her to ask that

my eating has been bad like i just fuckdup now and then the wkd wasnt good at all and mystomach has been hruting constatnly since friday i really have to sotp eating things that make me so sick ugh.

and i wont b able to get tot he gym all week cause i worked today then i work tomm i have off wed and thurs but we are suppsoe to get an ice storm so i prob wont b able to get out and then i work fri and sat. god i really need to get tot he gym im so fat and gross and my stomach sticks out and i feel it jiggle when i walk and its just god so so so fucking gross i hate it god i fuckign hate myself for eating so damn much recently god im never gonna lose weight and get back down to double digits if i keepdoing this ugh.

i did manage to get to the gorcery store and target today spent more money then i wanted to but i needed like essentials at target and fuck deodrant and stuff is just so expensive but food wise buying at least i did good i got

*3 apples
*3 nectaines
*3 peachs
*2 bags of cherries
*bag of appleslices
*apple sauce
*10 cal juice
*box of generic rice krispu treats
*2 boxes nature vally bars(oats and honey and oats and dark choc)

ok now i need to do crucnhes and get the stomach pain to stop and then ima watch pretty little liars at 8 andi will try and do a thinpso post on my other blog as well later


undesirablenumber1-yes i sat in a bucket i was a werid kid and btw were did ur blog go i wen tto go comment on all ur updates and it says its not there nemore did u delete it or soemthing

unbeautiful- awi m sorry thatu got hurt as well hun

believe-yeah im always exhausted no matter what so yeah im use to it

bestlilskinnybitchintheworld-i love watchitng the olympisc and i watch college gymanstics as well

riahbear-yay for 12

scared blogger- if u give me ur msn address iwill add u on mine then uw ill get apop up and u just add me that way

bree-wow sorry about ur back r u ok now

style- no i dont sorry


  1. you know i was fucking around with the format of my blog and i think i messed it up but it should be fixed now.

    You're fruit list is putting me to such shame. I will eat more fruit I will I will I will.

    Isn't it funny how other people are amazing that like you can like a spoon of peanut butter and be full. Like do they not pay attention when they eat to their body?

    I suck a change. You plan shit and it needs to be done when planned. So when it gets messed up I'm a mess. I totally feel you. Hope you get to workout on wednesday though!

  2. Sorry about your day off I know how that is I got called in on the week end to work for a guy that didnt come in and it was crazy we were packed at the diner I work at. and the AC went out. It got so hot.

  3. You sound kinda stressed! Hopefully you feel more relaxed over the next week. :D

  4. I am not good with change either. Hate it!

    That rude girl probably asked about what you ate for lunch because she can see you're skinny and she's jealous.

    I LOVE those oats and honey bars. So good! I've never tried the dark chocolate kind. Looks like you picked up lots of good fruit, too.

    You have inspired me to clean my room, do crunches, and do some homework while watching a T.V. show. Even though you get stressed, you always go to work when they call you, and you always seem to get things DONE. I love that about you. :)

    Hope your night ends well!

  5. rude girl is just curious. i've been dealing with this at my lunch table all semester.

    ppl are perplexed when they see some one who isn't careless about their body. who don't lack self control.

    so take it as a good sign :)

    i hope your week goes better!