Monday, January 24, 2011


so i relaly dont have much to say today
ive been bad really bad i bigned today but iwas good and didnt purge i wanted to but i made myself stay sitted in front of my computer for an hour not moving at all
my stoamch hurts so bad like the pain is ridc and im sure its cause of all the food and then the food that makes me sick on top of that but it started out as just a stabbing pain on the right side under my ribs like the pain that makes u doulbe over grabbign ur stomach and struggling to breathe adn then it felt like my stomach was on fire like it was being torn out from the insdie and it traveleed up to my ribs and my chest i finally got the pain to go down it still hurts but its managable now thank god

but i drank alot of fluids after my binge 2 liters of water, cup of juice(its 10 cals so it was 20 cals for my big cup) and a mug of green tea i havent eaten enthing since though and the binge was at 1pm

but i have deicded that i really need to stop this bingning crap it just fucks with my head more thent eh straving does so yeah no more binging on the dasy i work it will b better instead o brining like a meal with me on my meal breaks i will just bring some applesauce and juice enough to keep me from passing out but always not enough to make me gain and it will keep ppl at work off my back cause i will b eating so they cant say enthing about that then

i went to the gym again today cause i wont b ablet o get there til idk when i work tomm and wed and we got the snow storm coming and idk if i babysit on thurs or not and idk how the wkd will go so yeah i went today

new moon was the movie of the day so i wathced that as i was working out i did 65 mins on elly the around the world hill workout level 6 i burned 478 cals

ok im off to watch pretty little liars and let my mind relax i acutally got some sleep last nite my body finally gave in cause it was so exhacusted

i made 12 new computer backgrounds they are on my thinpso blog so go check them out

believexx-yeah a treat is good but binigng = bad ugh but thanx hun

riahbear-thanx hunnny

skeleton strong-yeah hes always engouraging me to eat or getting made about it or soemthing he hates my ed and god the pain was bad but todays pain was worse and im good with pain i like pain it makes me feel alive i kno wim weird

marshsara-thanx hun i try to dress differently then others cause i dont like to b the same

mich-yes chilis is the evil restraunte


  1. I'm so proud of you for not purging! That is so hard to do sometimes . . .

    When I get that horrible feeling of being too full, I try to drink lots of water. It usually helps digest the food quicker and ease the pain. Looks like you had the same idea!
    Green too is great, too.
    But Yogi Tea also has this awesome "stomach ease" one that I like to drink after I eat too much. It REALLY helps the pain stop.

    And I totally agree that bingeing fucks with my head more than starving does.

  2. That is FANTASTIC you did not purge!! You should be soo PROUD!! When I binge I find sipping water to be helpful as well as going for a walk!! Not jog or a run but a walk, it seems to calm that i am going to pop feeling you get!!

    Take each day as it comes and you will achieve you goals =)

    ♥ Bree