Wednesday, January 19, 2011


hey guys i made another blog well a second one really. its just a blog for thinpso and my art when i get around to making it again just like a creative outlet u know what i mean i am still keeping this one ofr my ramblings on my life and ed and just everything but the other one is just for thinspo and creative sutff so check it out i did my first post today i just ahve to work out the template and everything the design will do that later though

o yeah heres the link http://danisthinspoandsuch.blogspot.comi will also put the link on the side of this blog as well

so i worked from 10-4pm today and 4 of hose hours were spent cleaning an di mean really cleaning from 10-2pm. once a year the store does this big cleaning like a spring cleaning kind of thing that happesn after the year found that out today
so yeah since im was on register i was in charge of cleaning everything there.
i had to pull out everying out of the cabinets and cubby holes and vacumm all the dust out then put everything back, clean the counters and register, climb the ladder a millin and one times and vaccum the lights aboe register and signs. it was alot of wokr and it took me forever i most of climbed the ladder like over 20 times up and down up and down and then pulling the big ass vaccum awound and yeah ima have bruises on my knees cause i had to b on them to clean the lower shelves. idk how many cals i exaclty burned doing that cause really im just to tired to figure it out and to do the research on it.

my one manager asked me if i was ocd cause i guess i was doing seomthing werid idk im like yeah sorry shes like dont apoloigze but this is a good task for u then. adn then later int he day she had to get some1 up to cover register for i coudl go on my meal break and shes like u have to watch the register we need to let her eat sometimes.. ugh yes i get it u all think im too ksinny but in all reality im to skinny not at all gotta lose at least 10 lbs fuckign ppl

after work i went to target i was planning on jjust getting a flash drive yeah that didnt work out to well. i did get my flash drive but also go the dvd "remember me"(me and my manager started watching it on our bread at work) and 2 eye maeup thingys. i want the new vogue to come out already i keep chekcing but its not out yet.

ugh i had to go out to eat with my parents and bro today which was werid cause we never do faimly stuff together never really had but me and teh boy got them agift card to red robin and they went tonite and diecided to take me and bro with them i shared some fries with my mom then had a lil of my apple harvest chicken salald no cheese dressing on the side. i could of said no to going but then i would of been home alone and when im alone thats when im nore then likely to binge and purge and i didnt wanna do that so i went out with them

i have my lil cousins tomm yay and i have off so i cant wait to spend some good quailty time with them i miss them so much
and o not surpisnlgy another snot storm ugh its suppsoe to b thursday nite into friday and we coudnt get 2-4 inches to 3-6 inches they arent sure yet ugh i wanted to go to the gym on friday but if its all snowy i wont b able to go y is the universe against me wtf ya i wanna go and workout and sweat and burn caloires and fat away.

i ended up eating more then i wanted to yesterday ugh but i worked out yesterday did an hour of crucnhes borken up thru the day, hour of air bike and hour of joggin in place.

my emotions are all over the palce lately alst nite while watching teen mom 2 i cried like tears ocming out of the eys crying ijust felt so bad fo r leah and her baby and i cried ugh fucking emotions also cut last nite too they arent deep just a bunch of lil shallow ones on my wrist its like one big red blob ugh.

so im wathicng bones right now i think i might acutally lay down and watch it im exhasted all that cleaning did it for me

food log

*mug of orange tea
*few spoons cake icicng
*cup of cantalope

*1 tbsp 40 spices hummes
*sandwhich bag of carrots and celery mixutre

red robin
*1/2 of my apple harvest chciken salad no cheese dressing on the side
*shared fries with mom


than k u all for the bday wishes u are all the best undesirable number 1, barbies and bones, desepree,lou, mich, broken, anonymous, riahbear, helen, lorna, scareltt, alice-k, and misspigg3rs. u all made me feel so happy and great put a smile on my face

riahbear-yeah i have msn its


  1. cleaning is so exhausting! i hated doing that at Subway.

    we had this floor that was supposed to look like natural stone but it just gathered dirt in the little crevices and you couldnt mop it out so you had to squeegee the hell out of it took like 3 days to do the whole store.

    snow is keeping me from the gym too! i'm so mad.

    i'll check out your other blog :)

  2. target is so evil. I swear I walk in there and it's like all I need is pens. That's it pens. And I leave with like 5 new nail polishes, makeup, lipstick, 3 magazines, some fruit strips, calendar, movies...oh it's the worst. I love target.