Friday, January 14, 2011



my weigh tis the same as last week ugh ih avent lost nething this week but ihave been binging like crazy so its good that i havent gained ugh i gotta stop binging thats what i gotta do

after i posted yesterday i ate even more way more ugh hate myself i really hatemsyelf i wish i ddint stop taking the st johsn wort but i had too so i will deal with it i guess

i messed up againt his morning but i went ot the gym and burnt nealty 900 cals
*35 min bike level 5- 205 cals burned
*35 min elly level 5- 244 cals burned
*65 mins elly around the world hill workout level 6- 442 cals burned

i went to target today after my workout hoping to get crackers then irealized that lal the crackers i usually eat have wheat in them so that mean si cant eat them nemore ugh stupid ass stomach but i got 3 vitamin water 0, 2 sobe life water 0, box of tea, box of fruit snacks, and the outfit i am wearing in the pic well the dress and the sweater tights the shoes and socks i already had.

g2g boy will b here soon love ua ll


undesirablenumber1-wish i kept it that low endedup binging later that nite

skinny_el- ilove workingo ut so thats easy for me and it does make me feel alot better

believe-thanx hun and there is always room for imporvemnt

lorna-yteah my stomach is a major bitch altely o im glad thatu love the website it really is great isnt it

bestlilskinnybitchintheworld-tahnx hunt hats what i was thinking keep the metabolism going


  1. ooo yay! I love it when you post your outfits. You are just too cute. Anyway...yowza! 900 burned way to go that's awesome! And yes you haven't lost but you haven't gained either and I consider that a win. Not being able to eat wheat isn't so bad. I mean it gives you a legit reason to avoid the bazillions of food that I fall prey to. Stay positive girl!

  2. Great outfit, as always!

    And awesome workout. I really need to join a gym, but I keep putting it off. :/


  3. You always have the cutest clothes!
    I super need to go to the gym... I haven't been since tuesday and I feel icky...
    I should just go out and buy all the machines they have there and keep them in my basement, lol that way I wouldn't have to even leave home...
    Keep up the good work, dear. Stay Strong

  4. you really do wear the most adorable clothes.

  5. Ooh I love that dress- very cute!
    Is there nothing else you can take instead of the St John's Wort to help? I did not know that that it affected contraception!
    Really great gym burn as well- I can't wait to get back to Uni tomorrow to be able to use the gym there...I'm excited for the workouts! I have been working out at home but I don't feel it is doing me much benefit to be honest!
    Oh by the way I have been using that website so much since you mentioned it- love it, thanks honey.
    Love Lorna x x x

  6. I like your outfits so much, you always look so adorable and tiny. Loooooove you.