Monday, January 10, 2011

recipe time yay

i got new recipes for my fav ppl in the world
question for u guys did u want me to keep posting myh recipes on here or make a new blog juts for my recieps taht will only b updated when i have a new one just let me know guys

Rainbow Macaroni Salad
*bag of tinkyada gluten free brown rice pasta spitals- 1680 cals
*1/2 vup diced yellow bell pepper- 20 cals
*1/2 cup diced celery- 7.5 cals
*1/2 cup chopped broccolli- 15 cals
*1/2 cup chopped cherrry tomatoes- 17.5 cals
*1/2 cup carrots- 25 cals
*1 tbsp fresh chopped basil- o cals
*1 cup vegenaise(vegan mayonnaise)-1440 cals
*2 tsp grey poupon dijon mustard- 10 cals
*2 tbsp poppy seeds-0
*pepper for taste

total cals- 3215

*cook pasta according to pacakaging, drain and set aside.
*while pasta is cooking cut up and combine peppers, celery, broccolli, tomatoes, carrots, and basil.
*add to the pasta and stir to combine
*stir in mustard and vegenaise make sure all noodles are covered(can add salt and pepper for taste i just added a lil pepper)
*laslty stir in poppy seeds
*refriderate and serve cold.

makes 9 1 cup servings or 18 1/2 cup servings
1 cup= 357 calories
1/2 cup= 179 cals

pic finished prodcut

Banana Oat Date Cookies

*3 large bananas-300 cals
*1 tsp pure vanilla extract- 12 cals
*1/4 cup vegan butter warmed until smooth- 320 cals
*2 cups rolled or quick cooking oats(used quaker oats)- 600 cals
*1/3 cup unsweetend shredded coconut- 124 cals
*1/2 tsp ground cinnamon-0 cals
*1/2 tsp salt- 0 cals
*1 tsp baking powdwe-0 cals
*1/4 cup choppped dates- 120 cals

total cals= 1476


*preheat over to 350 degrees line baking sheets with un bleached parchment paper.
*in a larger bowl mash the bananas until smooth.
*add the vanilla, vegan butter, oats, shredded coconut, cinnamon, salt and baking powder. mix it all together with ur hands until its all combined then fold in the dates
*spoon out dough on to trays and flatten a lil they dont spread of expand while cooking.
*cook for 15 minutes until golden brown on bottom mine cooked for about 18 minutes.

the reciep said 24 cookies but i made mine a li lsmaller and got 32 cookies out of it

1 cookie= 46.13 cals

pic of finsihed product

acka11- yeah i knmow i have to do soemting and im only working there til i can get a a full time job

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  1. The Banana Oat Date Cookies sound sooo good! I am gonna attempt to make some :) yum.
    Thank you.

    Maybe you could make a recipe page?

  2. Also, I'm sorry if my first kiss post triggered something bad for you :(

  3. The mac salad looks so freaking good! Like, literally, my mouth started watering! LOL! ; ) Hope you are enjoying the yumminess!