Tuesday, January 4, 2011


ugh god im such a fat ass failure of a fat gross slob ugh im never gonna get skinny if i keep eating like a fucking whale the food just makes me sick im constnaly nasouses and dizzy then add in the chest pains and the headaches idk wtf is wrong iwht me but ugh

im slrsy getting my fat ass back on track tomm nomatter waht i have to im not gonna b fat for my bday on the 18th so its lose weight time

ive been up since 5am cause of my chest pains fucked up 2 times already today once was at breakfast had 4 italain cookies half a bowl of oatmeal and some ice cream

then second fuck up was 2 italian cookies 1 choc chip cookie and a sandwhich(3 slices gluten free bread 7 slices turkey lunchmeat and 2 pickles)

none fuck ups banana, cup of my veggie soup, and green tea, and a few pickles

i dont even wanna think about how many cals i ate today ugh fat ass gross ass mother fucker ugh fucking hate my fat ass self ugh

i did get to the gym at least i did 35 mins on the bike and 35 mins on elly according to heart rate monitor 676 cals burnt but still ugh all the fucking food i ate today ugh fat

i went to the grocery store today 2 get me some food that hopeiflly i wont binge on got
*gluten free bread
*reduced sodium turely lunchmeat
*brown spicy mustard
*3 cans reduced sodium chciken noodle soup
*2 boxs cup of soup veggie

i also went to the mall with my sis well not the mall by me the one that is 20 mins away and has a barnes and noble were i got

its a vegan cookbook and the next book in the house of night series

ok im off to feel even more fat and sorry for myself my head is fucking pounding ugh


  1. hope u feel better soon!
    well done on loosing the calories, thats good!
    stay strong <3

  2. We all feel "fat" and "bloated" a lot, especially when trying to stick to a long term diet, but as long as you have a plan, we are all behind u. Good Luck!

  3. If I can get through a fat day you can too. Tomorrow will be better. And this is just an idea but it's what I did today that kept me strong. The boy loves to eat and I always get dragged along but we got to flipping through that "Eat This Not That" book and it has like everything in it from eating out to candy and drinks and it's just fun to flip through so when you're thinking about stopping off for a sandwich you can pull it out and be like ooo no i do not want that food anymore. Kind of a rant but it helped me.

    Also, girl go get an EKG! Chest pains are not funny!

  4. Hang in there, babe! I hate that you feel sick so often.

  5. hang in there angel you are still amazing.