Tuesday, January 18, 2011

happy birthday to me

yup its my bday today but to me its really just another day butm y family likes to txt and call and say/sing happy birthday so im 25 today idk how i survived 25 years when i wansnt even suppose to survive birth but hey im here and still kicking still think i will die young though but we will wait and c

so i keep getting those i love u stay safe today our lil miralce baby txts from my aunts whihc is fine but its every year ur our miralce yes i guess i am
so yeah sotry behind that i was born early 3 months ealry to b exact i weight 1 lb 13 ounces and i wasnt supposet o survive my twin didnt survive(yes i have a twin she died at birth) but i did survie but i was so lil i was in hopsital for 3 months on all this machines heart monitor breaking monitor/breathing machine/ feeding tube i was even on the breathing and heart one when i came home so yes i guess i am a miralce cause ihave survived this long

my one autn still tells the story about when she came over to watch me one time fo rmy parents could go out and how i scared the crap out of her cause seh would consntaly check to c if i was still breathing so she didnt have to check but shes paranoid cause wheni would stop breathing the machine would make noise for they would know and then like tickle my feet or soemthing they had to do soemthing weird idr what it was but yeah she still tells that story alot ha gotta love her

my dad still hites my back when i start coughing to much its how they taught him when i was lil to help me breathe so when i have a couhging fit now he does it and it does help and no caffeien for me cause of my heart, ih ave really weak bones um yeah other issues as well from being born so early

then u addin the afffect form the ed yeah im a mess but u guys c y the doc doesnt think nehting is wrong cause im at a low weight when ur born that lil they kinda expect u to b small so they never think nething is wrong well hes on my cause about choclestorl and blood pressure and stuff but never about my weight or my heart or my lungs

yeah sorry rant but neway my birthday is today im 25 wow quarter of a life down damn and i havent really accomplished nething but i will change that eventually i guess

the plan for today was to go to the gym and do a 2 hour workout then go and buy myself alil mini ice cream cake and have some but the weather intervined snow and then ice and rain thenmore ice so yeah its a mess outside soi havent left the house at all tis for the best cause that ice cream cake would of kille dmy somtach to no end i avoid dairy and gluten as much as i can well gluten more then dairy that hurts more

my mom so on dr oz or osme shit this remmbdy for heartburn so she made me drink it it was half cup of water with a tsp of baking powder it didnt taste to good shes like u can drink it up to 3 times a day but not more cause they said nemore then 3 times a day is bad yes ok ma i get it.

so i finsished my ahir :) i have pics paost them alil farther down i promise so that took awhiel to do cause had to put the hightlites in and then wait ended up leaving themin longer then the obx said but i got distracted so yeah then a shower and drying it and staigten it and the then pics so yeah thats down heres the pics of it i got 2 front view , 1 bakc view, and 2 seperate side views i didn my tips a lil as well and dont mind my ugly ass fat face there ugh gross
so pics

ok so so far today i had al il cake icing(yes i eat cake icing right out of the can i have always done that cause i dont want the cake i just want the icing my family doesnt even tink its weird nemore so if u do o well), bottle of water, and 2 mugs caffeine free tea(1 green tea, 1 orange tea)

plan for the rest of the day is to make myself a good lunch something i really want since hey its my bday i can do that and sicne my mom wont cook me nething neway so im thinking a veggie burger with one slice of gluten free bread toasted and then seomf fries baked in the oven.

then going to just relax read watch tv def workout a lil and if i really need soething later i can have some veggies dipped in my new hummes i got o and def more tea and water as well

so yeah one more point and then i got some thinspo for u guys.
i was talking to the boy last nite an di mentioned taht i wanted slatines but i coudlnt eat them since there is wheat in them hes well thats just up ur alley then u cant eat u like not eating im like ah ur funny thanx hes like we will go to chillis on friday

yeah so he makes comments sometimes bout my ed yes he knows yes he has a hard time with it yes he tinkis i can get over it no i cant get over it but neway i like chillis we dont go there much cuase its farther away but yeah so ima go ont he webiste later and look at the menu try and find soemthing that will make him ahppy and that wont fucking wreck my stoamch

ok thinspo time then im done ha sorry long post forgive me guys


  1. ohhh yay! Happy Birthday! I don't care if you think it is only another day because birthday's should be fun and celebrated! So have a wonderful day...enjoy the great looking hair..and stay beautiful!

  2. Happy birthday!!!

    I hope you stay in and don't venture out into this ice, it's completely ridiculous.

    And by the way, the heartburn remedy is baking SODA and water - I think baking powder might make you sick if you drink that haha

    Have a fun day!

  3. Happy birthday, you're hair looks nice.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Although technically you could say your birthday is in April if you were born 3 months early...

    Your hair look awesome--that colour really suits you.

    I'm totally with you on the icing. In my fatter days, I used to buy cans of icing and stir in a half a bag of oreos, then eat the whole thing with a spoon.


  5. Happy birthday sweetie! Your hair looks really good

  6. Happy Birthday! :) Enjoy it and make the most off it. Oh and thank you for the thinspo :)

  7. Happy Birthday love x x x

  8. Happyt birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    Your hair looks fantastic, i can't stress that enough! Savor that cake while you can, you deserve it :D

  9. happy birthday hun! :D and i love the hair, nice gob! haha i thought i was the only one that ate just plain ol' icing ^^ i like those cake decorating tubes every now and then XD

  10. Happy birthday! my brother was also born early! its a scary thing =0 but you are aliiiiive! =] oh and thank you for the thinspo!