Sunday, January 9, 2011


ima snap at ppl at work soon and they truth is gonna come out and then they are gonna feel bad for all their comments and jokes i just cant take ti nemore all the comments the jokes i just want them to stop i dont wanna hear it nemorei dont wanna hear how skinny i am o thas all ur eating no wonder ur so small and omg dani ur so small.

i got like idk 3 comments today one from a customer, one from cowroker and one frome on of my mangars

so first one was i was at the register like i was most of then day and the cusomter goes omg ur so skinny like shocken and my coworker goes yeah its cause she doesnt eat an dijust like shot my head up and idk if the cuspoter cuahgt on but she goes she prob just had a high metabolism.

then the last oneme an danother co worker was just joking around beingweird we were in the clearance section with 2 managers and she found a pait if xxxl running shorts and thes like omg it can fit 2 of us shes like get in so yeah we were bored she got in one short leg and i got int eh other and there was still room on my side my one manager goes omg dani ur so mcall look theres still room look how much room there is u need to eat.

i just cant take it nemore i just wanan snap and go u know what i have an eating disorder and it almost kille dme just shut up already.

nuttin much ealse happend today i worked 11-6 we got 3 more inches of snow yesterday so cleaning of my ice and snow covred car was fun cause it was windy an dit kept blowing backin my face.

i,a work out later im thinkng an hour of jogging in place is ikn need while i read my book or mayb air bike not sure which ones but def some crunches as well.

but found out the ginger ale helps settle my stomach my mom got some yesterday cause my sister was sick so i had some just like al il bit a few sips and ithelped so much so ima get me some diet ginger ale cause mom got the normal kind

got off of work tomm so its srunning around day def gym in the morning then target then 2 different grocery stores.
ima try out 2 new recipes tomm so need to go shopping to do that o and hey i updated my recipe page so yay for that

food log

*can reducded sodium chicken noodle soup-160
*green tea-0
* 4 italin cookies-?

*sf jellp cup-10
*4 ounches carrots-40
*handufl mike and ikes-?
Iliter of water

*small bite of bronwie?
*can of bumble bee white albacore tuna-120
*9 glutten free sesemae breadsticks-60

im thinkmgn abou thaving alil bowl of cie cream then some ginger ale and then iwill def work out


scarlet-yeah we get all 4 seasons here and january we ususally get alo tof snow ugh hate it and thanx hun

nee-thanx hun i feel hgue though and i dont c what u guys c

used for glue-thanx for that hun i really do apprecitate it ima have to talk to the boy c what he wants me to do i already knwo the answer he will want me to stop taking it so back to depression it will b hard to hit rock bottom again with it but i will survive. aww thanx hun and uw ill get there 2 u just have to stay strong if u ever wanna talk heres my email and msn

bestlilskinnybitchintheworld-thanx hun i wish i could c what everyone elses sees but i cant

marsh.sarah-yeah ilove me my layers

sketletom strong-yeah ima prob have to stop taking them wich sucsk but iw illl deal i pertty much only getm y period cause of the fact im on mthe pill i doubt it woud come if ididnt take it

undesribale number one-wish i could rest but im incapable of that betweent work and the fact that my head never shuts up ugh. where do u live hun what state if u dont mind me asking

skinny_el-yeah snow fucks everything u pdoesnt it

beleive-just keep lookinga nd applyign u will find a job eventually u just cant give up

thin_envy- i love fruit and ur doing grea ton ur fast hun

sara-im tyring rust me

mich-i know weatherman r so stupid they enver know nehting they just guess an dit doesnt matter what so ever if they are wrong or right um the movie" an ex convict is just released from jail after 6 years for manslaughter he corssed paths with a lonely troubled teen and her new rid gordy pretty much just asks for a ride ha they all ehad out int eh same car she wants to cut loose and get away the driver likes her and the ex convict wants to decided whether to return to hes past or leave it behind" its really good def check it out


  1. omg you should seriously have a talk with your co workers. tell them they are being sooo rude. or look for a new job. that is just not on. i mean you wouldnt pick on a fat person or someone with cancer. its just wrong.
    dont take their crap. xoxo

  2. I need to get some Diet Ginger Ale, too. My stomach is always unsettled when I don't eat.

    I'm sorry about your dimwit coworkers.

  3. There's a quote somewhere from something that a skinny person said. And it's like she was fed up with people constantly walking up to her and being like "oh my god I hate you you are so skinny" so she was like from now on I'm walking up to you and saying "oh my god I hate you why are you so fat!" People can be so annoying.

    And I'm from jersey not jersey in the UK.

  4. People are idiots. They probably envy you and when they tell you that your skinny, give em a smile and ask if their jealous lol that will shut them up!! I know how you feel though, I always bump into someone that I knew a long time ago and they always comment on how much weight I've lost. Blahh! Someone had the nerve to joke that I had anorexia, what an idiot.

  5. i'm so sorry girl just kick them in the nuts k? jerks.

    i wish ppl could just leave weight out of conversations.

  6. I hate when people make comments like that, and it's like once they start they just won't let it go. It always seems to happen on the days I feel fattest, as well; so of course I end up feeling fatter and ten time worse. :( You should just spit in their faces. Haha, not really, but I really feel like doing that sometimes....

    You can still be an actress of writer! Great writers spend most of their lives unemployed anyway, so it works...


  7. people just need to mind their own if they havent got anything nice to say. THAT WAS SOOOO RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL of your cowoerker to be discussing your weight with a customer!!

    ignore them hun and keep your cool. your doing amazing