Thursday, January 13, 2011


i was gonna update yesterday after we got home fomr philly but i was in so much paint hat ijust curled up in ad ball and passed out for a good 7 hours i never sleep that much

it was my stomach iw as good yesterday i didnt eatr nething that would cause it to hurt that bad but it started hurting at 3pm and by the time we got home at 11 the pain was just unbearable. i havent gone tot he bahtroom in a few days so i figured that what it was so i took alx last nite b4 bed and then after breafakst i had a nice big movement and i felt instantly better even though my stomach is huritng again now but not as bad just like lil cramping and stuff noraml stuff that i have everyday

the game was good typical college basketball game it went into over time but my sis's school ended up winning so yay for that

food log yesterday

*10 cherries-40
*1 vegan cookie-46

*sour gummi worms

*can progressive light southwestern veggie soup-120
*gluten free crackers-90
*sundried tomato and basil hummus-50

*1 starburst
*4 gerkin no salt added pickles-0

*mug of green tea
*plain hot tea from DD
*2 liters of water

*25 mins of crunches
*hour joggin in place

so now back to to day we had my lil cousins today my munhcins it made me so happy and such a pick me up since i stopped taking the st johsn wort today. id figured the boy would rather have me depressed then pregnant so i stopped taking them but i will talk to him when i chim tomm about it idk mayb i can get back on them

but neway we had the kids from 930-130 i mostly had the littles one but i did play with all of them and they are the lights of my life they make me so happy im contetn just sitting there and wathcing them play

i havent goetten to the gym since tuesday we ended up getting 6 inches of snow so i didnt get outon wednesday morning to go and today i had the kids but imp lanning on spending 2 hours at the gym tomm prob both hours on elly need a good workout im so fat and gross ugh havent lost neweight i was 106.6 this moring but that was b4 my laxs took affect and it was a big movemtn so im prob still 105. something

they acutally plowed my street now thats something to b said cause they rarely ever do but i guess since it was that much snow well not alot but u know that they figured that they would do that my mom and bro cleaned off and dug out my car they knwo i dont do well int he car and the shovel is just to heavy for me so they did it for me

imow rkingo n cleaning my room and doing laundry at the moment. i got my closet down well for the most part i got clohtes hung its not completely organized but its better. and laundry i got my sheets washed and dried. my jeans are wasehd and in the dyer, my clothes are in the washer and after the jeans are done they will go into dryer and my comforter will go int he wash

i will def do crunches later cause my stomach is just huge and sticks out and its gross its need to b toned and falt and concaved so gotta work out that

i didnt do to well with eating today i kinda snacked alot i was palnning on staying udner 500 cals a day for awhile but i diecided that i can have up to 1000 but i gotta very my cals everyday i cantjust eat 1000 everyday cause ew thats just gross but i will have a low cal day then a higher one thena medium one u know what i mean

food log

*slice of gluten frr bread toasted with thin layer of vegan butter-90
*mug of green tea

with kids 930-130
*2 bites of pancakes
*half a cupcake(shared witht eh oldest kid)
*4 handful chips
*3 spoons icing
*grands biscuit
*bottle of water

i havent had dinner yet but imthinkng i will make a helathy one and then take my diet pill and do way better tomm

bestlilskinnybitchintheworld- i hate the cold its just ugh i always hate the cold snow is pretty i like to paly in it i hate driving in it though

cravignthin-u think we have an accent really i dont here it mayb cause i likved here my hole life

mandgain-i like snow i hate drivingin it so we have a lov ehate relationship we got 6 inches well close

helen-thanx hun u can burnt hat many cals just u know stay moving and stuff

mich- i use this site www(dot)caloriesperhour(dot)com they pratailly have every activinty adn u calcute it there they just ask for weight and time u did it and it calcultes it for u

undesirablenumber1-we got lamost 6 inches but i didnt shovel the shovel is to heavy for me and i have vack issues and im clumsy so imnot allowed to shovel


  1. excellent with keeping the intake low! Keep it up!

  2. Ah have a good old work out hun! Always makes you feel good (:
    I'm routing for you! Keep up the great work <3 x

  3. Good job with the low intakes and workouts. But your abs always look so flat and perfect in your pictures. I don't see any room for improvement, but you do, so I support it =]

    Have a good workout, darling =D

  4. Hey hon...glad your tummy is feeling better- I hate when I get that kind of pain and your's seems pretty awful.
    I'm glad you had a lovely time with the little ones too- I love my little nieces and nephews, they are the light of my life too :-)!
    Oh by the way I just checked out that website you mentioned above and it's amazing! I'm wondering how to calculate how much I burn in work as I work in a big department store so I am fairly active, walking around, helping customers, but also sometimes standing at the cash register scanning through purchases so I'll have to find some way to calculate it accurately as I don't even factor work in most days because I don't consider it exercise really but I suppose I must be burning something!

    Anyways lovely, good luck tomorrow,
    Love Lorna xx

  5. I think varying your cals is a good idea. I try to do that some weeks as. I like to think it keeps the metabolism going!