Tuesday, January 25, 2011


god im so exhasuted the fuckign beat ugh hate my body i tried to acutally get more sleep last nite but since i crashed sunday nite i coudlnt really sleep much alst nite and i keot getting lil stabbing chest pains makes it a lil harder to sleep

and im pale as fuck like even paler then nomral i need a tan ij ust wanna lay ina tanning bed and soak up the vitamin d i need to find a new salon. the bagsunder my eyes are huge and a lil yellow u know that like sick eye look yeah thats me
i did laundry yesteray and i have yet o fold ti thats how tiredi am i washed and dried it and put it back in the basket but just havent folded it o well i will get to that eventaully

work was so tiring today it was shipment day so yeah alot of putting things out and opneing things and then having to urn back and forth to the register i worked 6 hours so i hwas on my feet for 5 and half i get a 30 min meal break

god my one manager is so annoying always bugging me about getting ppls emails and having them sign up for cards he makesme feel so useless cause i dont get ppl butim always not gonna bug them and b annpying its just not who i am and if ppl dont wanna sign up they arent fuck its a month after xmas ppl dont have money

tomm i work 10-4 the stomr is suppose to start who knows when they are sayign al il in the morning then the worst after 5pm but they dont know but now they are saying we are gonna get mostly snow and thensome ice whatever iw iwll just c how it is tomm.

i cut yesterday as well yup im make to doing that more often again but i didn my lower somtach next to hip bone and some on my wrist ugh hate myself fo it but everyhting was so out of contorl yesterday that it just amde everything calm and ok

i stopped after work and picked up dinner cause i didnt feel like dealing with my dad sayign i shoudlnt make that or eat this or thats too many carbs or justhooving over me so i took thatout and went and got osemthing i got a medium chicken pot pie soup( i know the cals are prob thru the roof but i was so cold and so tired and thats what i really wanted so i got it) and a small side salad with tomtats hot peppers cucumbers and pickles(i ate abouthalf)

so im just alying here right now dirnking some green tea iim watch the new OTH at 8 i cant wait i should do curnches at some point tonite

o im taking the jillians micheals detox and cleanse pills i started them on sat idk if they are hleping me lose weight but they are heloing the bowl movements i got every morning and its not painful like itusually is for me(yeah i got alot of stomach issues)

food log

*half bowl of oatmeal-75
*green tea

*2 cups light juuice-20

*medium chicken pot pie soup
*garden side salad(ate half)
*green tea


skeleton strong-thanx hun i was proud of myself as wellthe thing is yes i was full but the sotmach pain swasnt from that i have a fucked up stoamch and i get sharp stabbing shooting pains thru it it was nutting to do with fullness idk y i get it
but when i do get to full water does help me as well cause u piss alot and flush it all out

bree-i love walking its to cold here to walk thought atm


  1. The soup and salad probably weren't that bad, and at least you're getting lots of veggies. <3

    Hope you're surviving the snow. I think I'm the only psycho who LOVES this weather. I never get sick of snow and cold! It's the summer I can't handle...


  2. my inner mom is worried for you. sorry just had to say it.

    and omgosh let me know if those pills work. i was thinking about them but i never know if that stuff is real.