Saturday, January 8, 2011


outfit that i wore last nite

i look huge as well 105.6 ugh gross fat ugh hate it but i will get it down

this is a quick psot im not feeling well at all ate tom uch with boy last nite moslty food that makes me sick and this i binged today and just feel dizzy and nasouses and tired so ugh

idid get to the gym today did 6 5mins on elly burnt 442 cals and just now i jogged in place slowly for an hour dk how mnay cals taht was im too out of it to look it up

my head is pouding once again i had a headahce all day yesterday as well ow ell

its still its been snowing all day lovley we got almsot 3 inches yesterday and now its snowing again today and we are suppose to get another storm on tuesday as well o ij ust hate winter i dont do well with the cold

i did manage to do some research it turns out the st johsn wort does decrease the effecitivness of birth ocntorl but it doesnt cnacel it out completely so ima keep taking it just cause it does help a lil

ok ima go lay down done feel well


  1. I <3 those boots and shirt :)
    3 inches??? I haven't seen snow ever since I was like 5, but having it constantly like you do I bet gets annoying. Hope you get better

  2. You don't look huge don't be silly!
    Hope you feel better soon, well done at the gym pet. X

  3. This will probably make me seem like such a boffin but because the consequences ar humongous, if you're taking st john's it does, very effectively decrease the effectiveness of your birth control. The evidence though not direct is overwhelming,which is why if you do an internet search it wont come up, a claim like that has to have at least 12years of medical research behind it but every medical professional would advise you to use another form of contraception.

    It decreases the effectiveness of your birth control because it stimulates an efflux transporter (a p-glycoprotein) that removes various compounds from your cells including your birth control as said transporter is abundant in your uterus and the hormones within the pill are known substrates. The pharmacokinetics of st johns is very complicated and I don't pretend to understand it completely but I have spent the last six months working with these transporters and their effects (I'm a biochemist and I work in drug development).

    Just to be on the safe-side...

    On another note LOVE that you're 105, I'm on liquids until I get there. And we had snow today too, thats my excuse for not leaving the house. :)

  4. Whatever! You look NOTHING resembing huge! You look teeny, girl! I know you don't see that, but I'm tellin' ya...I would DIE to be your weight right now!

  5. i love your oufit, i love layering it up! and great job on the gym, itll def pay off. btw, you may not think so but you do look great! but i totally understand if you dont think so...stay strong hun :)

  6. Good luck with the St. John's. I've often wanted to take it, but since I'm still getting regular periods and all, I really don't want to mess around with my birth control. But it sounds like, for you, it might not be such a bad idea to keep taking it.

  7. aw poor dear. go rest all day long. i hope you feel better. headaches and cold is no fun.