Sunday, January 23, 2011


i guess that i should update u guys on how my wkd went

heres the outfit that i wore friday nite

friday nite we ended up going to chilis it was just suppose to b the 2 of us but hes friend decided to invite himself he does that alot the times that we do invite him he doesnt come but then when we wanna just b us he ocmes but hes a good friend and helps with nething we do so we cant really mad at him or nehting like that

the boy said this was my bday dinner since my bday was on tuesday so i should eat good and not worry about nething cause everythig is gonna b ok so i did i ate for him.
he got an appetizer of the chili cheese fries and all 3 of us shared that yes i did have some
then my meal was the cajun penne pasta i ate almost half of it

no matter what i got there it would hurt cuse everyhtign on the menu would upset eithe rmy stomach id either get nasouse or it would flare up my acid reflux so yeahi was fucked neway

i wasnt gonna get dinner but hes like u have to considering it ur bday cake since ur parents didnt make u nething so i ordered the white choc molten cake and hes fried shared it with me thank god i didnt have to eat all of it on my own.

guys u have no idea how much pain i was in after that my chest was killing my my heart was beating crazy cause it was wrokign way to hard and my stomach was in knots with constant stabbing pain it hurt so damn bad u have no idea.

once we got him well hes friend came back with us for a lil i sat there dirnking some gingerale then layign htere curlingup in the ball. hes friend left eventually and teh boy just help me for awhile cause it just hurt so bad but we havent seen each other in a week and i coudlnt go another week witho ut sex so i sucked up the pain and burned so cals :)

Saturday i had to work 10-4pm and i still wasnt feeling well at all my stomach still hurt it was horribly bloated and my chest just hurt an di was nasoues and not to mentions fucking exhausted cause ive barely been sleeping but i amanged to amke it thru my 6 hour shift idk how cause i was so out of it between the pain and the exhaustion. they wanted me to go home a lil thencome back and work a 2nd shift to close the store caue they fucked up and didnt schedule enough ppl to close yeah not my problem i told them tha ti was busy and that i ccoulnt

i went to the gym after i needed some workout time i did 65 mins on elly burnt 437 cals
after that i went to target the boy convinced me that i shoudl spurlge onmyself and get my hair done a good cut and color so i went and bought some hair mags. i sitll havent decided on a cut yet but i did decide ona color well its multi tonal heres the pic what do u guys think sorry if the quality is bad i took it with my phone

i have to yet deicde on a cut yet im working on it
the boy came over sat nite after the bar and he was hugnry so we went to sonic it just opened here like a month ago an di was gonna get a oreo sonic balst for he would b happy but they woudlnt make it for me cause it was so late so i just shared some of hes fries and mozzy sticks with him

he noticed how tired i was cause ir eally ahvent been sleeping much at all so he just held me and let me sleep i only ever sleep good when he is here so it was nice to get some sleep

now that brings us to today nowork yay its fuckign freezing thoughi m tired of the cold allthe time i cant wait for summer htough

but i went grocery shopping with my mom since i went with her i cuodlnt wear my ipod so my chest was huritng alot from being overwhjelmed and being around all those ppl but i tried to keep talking to her for i coudl keep myself distracted

we went to the couple places and i got
*pack of vegan cheese
*low sodium turkey lunchmeat(had a craving_
*sour jelly beans(so good)
*fat free rainbow sherbert
*bag of grapes
*bag of cherries
*3 mangos
*slices almonds
*rice cakes
*3 bags of frozen veggies

i did evneutally get tot he gym of course i did my 65 mins of elly andthis time i burned 463 cals
my eating has been ok not great but not horrible either but i do gotta work on it
ok ima got make cup of green tea and grab another bottle of wate and then ima make some computer backgrounds once they are done i will post them on my other blog


riahbear- iwant it a decent size but not overly big if that makes ne sense but iwant it to start between my shoulder blades and then go from there

undesirbale number 1- the words are "someday we will break free from these chains and keep on flying" wow ur new one soudns great

nan-thanx hun i was thinking between the 300-400 buck range so i was close


  1. all that food sounds so yummy right now!
    everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while right?
    - julia

  2. Sorry you were not feeling well. Hope things get better. I like the color btw

  3. I love that outfit.

    Your boyfriend sounds so sweet. I like how he encouraged you to enjoy your birthday. That's important!

    The pain afterward sounds horrible, though. Sadly, I know that pain all too well. Mainly because of my lactose intolerance. Ughhh. Awful! I can't imagine how you had sex while feeling like that. Haha!

    That hair is awesome. You should definitely go for it. I love multi-tones. Especially unique ones like that one. It's not TOO wild, but it's not too everyday, either. Awesome.

  4. i love your style! and im glad u did have a good time with the bf regardless of the food. please get some rest dear, and try to relax a little. youve been doing well

  5. Sorry your dinner made you sick. Everything at Chili's makes me ill as well--just one of those places where nothing is safe. At least your outfit looked awesome!

    Can't wait to see what you decide for your hair. <3