Friday, January 28, 2011


guess who gained againg yup thats me i am now 107 lbs ugh i hate taht im stuck in this binge cycle i hate it but only i can get msyelf out ofit and i will now more buying ne tempting food, i gotta stop eating the gluten an ddairy that makes me sick and makes it feel like there is a damn rock in my stomach

i thru out the rest of my gluten free bread(only had 2 slices left so not to bad), the turkey lunchmeant, oneslice of vegan cheese, and some fruit that went bad. so now all i go tin my fridge is 3 mangos, some cherries, container of carrots, apple sauce, and jello. i do setill have soup tuna and rice cakes and stuff like that as well but ima try and do fruit as much as i can which shoudlnt b hard sicne i love fruit

thanx undesriable number 1 for the hunest scrap away i will def do the 10 facts on my next post since i have ot get to work and have no time at the moment

but heres teh outfit for today


  1. Hi just starting to follow ur blog, is this the dani from pt?

  2. ooo I love that shirt. Where'd you get that?

  3. Ah very nice,
    Did u know you are the first person I talked to on pt?
    why did u say that u didnt like pt? was it too many tips and tricks? sori I didnt quite nderstand that part of ur comment,

  4. Binge cycles suck. I was stuck in one for months...and before that, I was stuck in one for YEARS. You know I think you look PERFECT the way you are, but I also know you need to be happy with yourself so, because of that, I hope you can meet your goals!

  5. Don't lose hope. We all have that number we keep coming to mine is 112.

  6. Lookin fabulous, as always!!