Thursday, January 20, 2011

wonder and thoughts

do u ever wonder how much more our bodies can take like what is the breaking point going to b how much farther can we push them till enough is enough and they give up on us

i think that i wanna know how much more mine can take how much farther i can push it and keep pushing it til thers nuttin left to give or to push nuthing left to fight for til it gives up on me

mayb if it gives up on me maybe if i push it so hard i can get to that point and some1 will finally help me i can let this go i want it to b over the pain the suffereing the loneliness the depression that constan heading spinning thoughts the blackout the spins the loss of concentration all of it

so hmm something to think about like really what is turley andhoenslty the breaking point of our bodies how much can we destroy them till they have nuttitn left to give


  1. I think it depends on how much "stress" you put on it, for instance in the summer during my exams I was doing 20hr days on next to no food and so worried about my exams, by the time they were over. Just a week later I was in hospital. My heart just gave out. I completely missed my birthday and most of the summer. I couldn't walk up the stairs and would black out all the time.

    Jokes is I'm now over ten pounds lighter than I was then, able to go to the gym and my heart ticks on just fine.

    I found my breaking point and I've never been so scared in all my life. I heard the moment my heart stopped on the monitor, I felt myself go cold and turn blue. I never want to be there again.

    And when I was getting all that attention I was so ashamed that I had done it to myself and having to explain why it had happened.

    If you want help please tell someone now, before it IS too late hun.

  2. I wonder this a lot.

    I completely agree with used for: glue though, if you want help, get it now. Before you reach the end of wherever you're heading. Please, for those who care xox

  3. This is a scary thought. Please don't aim for total self destruction