Monday, January 17, 2011


sorry for not updating yesterday i really am going to try and update everyday but its just hard cause somedays im jsut so tired adn warn out that ijust cant even thinking about typing but i make sure i at least read ur blogs i love the ones a follow and i make sure iread them everyday

so yesterday i worked from 11-630pm i was scheudled on register the hole day the only time i wasnt on register was when i had my 30 min meal break i didnt even get an hour shift in the fitting room we all usually are scheudled 1 hour in there everytime we work but i wasnt and either was the other girl we were on register the hole day and everyone else did idk whatever they did. the managers are all on this kick were we have to get more store credit cards which is find yes buti m not gonng bug them i always ask if they have one if they say no i ask if they would like to open one if they say no then i leave it at that im not gonna b one of those annoying ppl who just wont shut up cause i hate that andim sure alot of other ppl hate that as well i didnt manage to get one ppl to open one though

but neway i had like the hugest headache ever yesterday and icoudlnt get rid of it i even ate more in hopes that it would stop and it wouldnt so iended up passsing out early thats y ididnt update but i slept like 2 hours and then justl ike tossed and turned the rest of the nite but no headahce today yay me.

its so damn cold here i hate it and ihad runnign around to do today so it just sucked going in and out of places and then bam blast of cold ass fucking cold ugh i hate it thats new jersey for u though and app we are suppose to get an ice storm tomm or an ice snow combo that new jersey is so fond of so idk if i will b able to get my h our workout in at the gym tomm if i cant iw ill def work out at home to at least help it all.

so yesteerday i was 104.4 i didnt weight today well i did i stepped on the scale at the gym i had on my workout clohtes and my shoes and ijust atem y breakfast and had some water and a mug of tea. now the scale at the gymi snt digits well it use to b but they got a new one as a xmas present for all of us its liek the old school doc scales were u stand on it and u move the weights til u get the lever thing to balacne out int he middle and its said 107.soemthing it was one line away from 108 so im guessing im still around the 104 range. i did step ont he scale today after my shower which was after breakfast my workout and my snacking thru out the day and that said 106 so im pretty pretty sure im still at 104 ish i cant wait to get back to double digits again.

so i was changing after the gym getting out of my sweaty clohtes into sweats and a long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt for i coudl do my runnign around i took my ipod off which si rare but um there were 2 other ppl in the locker room 2 girls guessing they ere friends but the one girl stepped on teh scale with her shoes and clothes cause there were gettign ready to leave. and i hear them talking as they walk out and her firend is like dotn b down its a healthy weight its perfect for ur height and she said that a few times i guess the other gilr was complaining well i took a look at the scale when i was leaving and ti said the girl was 125 lbs so yeah shes not happy with that at all

so yeah i got my runnign around down went to target home depot and teh grocery store.
at target i just went to c if the new vogue was out yet its not so i bought 2 new nailpolishs some headbands and hair dye yeah im restless wit my hair already.

at home depto i was bad yeah i suffer with self harm we all know that an di went int here to buy more razors that i use and yes i got them and yes i used the self check but no i havent used them yet

i just went to the gorcery sotre to get a few things ended up elaving with a lil more then i wanted but all healthy
*2 bags of frozen fries(mom asked me to pick them up for her)
*loaf of gluten free brean(so fuckng expensive for al il loaf ugh)
*2 bags fo baby carrots(on sale 2 for $3)
*2 bags of celelry hearts(on sale 2 for $4)
*bag of pre sliced green apples
*bag of grapes
*bag of roman hearts lettuce
*hummos 40 spices flavor
*mini rice cakes apple cinnaom flavor
*oatmeal blue berry muffin (wanted to try a new flavor and its 150 cals i can live with that)

when i got home from my running around at the kitch table and organizeda ll my stuff i but all my fruits in sepertea c thru containers so i got a container of grapes, contaner of apple slices, 2 conatainers of baby carrots and a container of cerely slices.

i also cut up my canatlope that i bought last weel yeah that fucker was mean ended up cutting my finger a nice slice its right by my nail as well yeah i did that around like pm amyb alil later and teh fucker si still bleeding its not a long cut but im on like my 4th bandaide of 5th idk but everytime i change it its sitll bleenign and it bleeds out form the cut under my side of my nails an dunder the top of my nail just fucking lovely ijust keep changing it and putting pressure on it.

so i decided that the meal paln i made up just wasnt working of rme i cant write up a hole week of meals cause i cahng emy mind and realize that i really dont want that yes im one of those weird ones who craves differn things and auctally eats what she craves im also werider cause ive alwasy craved like fruits or veggies or salads iv ebeen like that for ever i would go fomr fruits over like a candy bar neday now yes i do have my choc cravings and im addicted to cake icing(i do let myself have that) buti try and avoid the choc as mcuh as possible manly cause it does make me sick ha good point there i know but im pretty at giving myself a set cals that i can have up too and tyring to figure out whatiw anna eat the nite b4 and then tweaking it when i wake up so ima stick to that i figured up to 1000 cals is best but id prefer 800 or less but i still ahve to exercise in some way everyday which isnt hard for me since im like addcited to exercise

ok pic time here is my firdge with my containers all oragniaxed and shit ha i knwo m crazy u can say it

and then the hair now i got teh dye that is a comb the color and then the highlights ijust did the color today ima do the highlites tomm its loreal couleur experete cherry chocolate mousse with darkest mahogany brown hightlites heres just the plain color one with my ahir down and other with it up it doesn tlool much different hent he color i had b4 but im sure the highlights will help alot when i do them tomm

my mom always gave me my bday present early well only a day early sicne my bday is tomm she asked waht i wanted i said that i didnt care so she was gonna get my a shirt or jeans but then i thought and i told her i really wanted another blanket since im always cold in my room and the comforter i have doesnt keep me that warm so she got me this king size pluish fuzzy blanket omg its so warm and comfy and fuzzy i love it os much its like a light brown tan color she said they had red but it was only for a tiwn bed so she got me a brown cause it was bigger yes go mom :) i cant wait to use it tonite

ok food log

*bowl of oatmeal low sugar maple and brown sugar-120
*one slice of gluten free bread toasted with lil vegan butter-90
*handful of twizzler bites
*mug of tea

snacks thru out day( idint aucatlly eat lunch sicne i was running around
*fruit bar-45
*13 minin rice cakes apple cinnaomin-110
*1 chips ahowy chey cookie
*few spoons cake icing
*1 bite cantalope
*1 apple slice
*liter of water

*65mins elly level6- 464 cals burned
*65 mins elly around the worl hill owrkout level6- 435 cals burned

i havent had dinner yet but im planning on making my self ncie salad- 6 romaine heart leaves(20), a few gerkein picles cut up and a few cherry tomatos cut up-pickles(0) tomatoes(?) lil vegan cheese(50), can of white albacore tuna(120) i will prob use a lil vegan mayo in my tuna then a few spritz of my vinageratte dressing.
b4 bed i might have 2 vegan cookies i gotta eat them b4 they go bad i forze some of them but kept some of them out

ok love u all gonna clean my room alil then wather the rerun of pretty little liars at 7 then the new one at 8 love that show

o and congrats to everyone who one that award thingy that is going around all ur blogs are great and u def deserved it
k love u all

broken-thanx hun

undesirablenumber1-yes i know they jack up the prices caues they know the ppl that need it that cant have the nomral price will ahve to pay it ugh assholes

scarlet-thanx hunny

lorna-thanx hunny i love plans as well keep me oragnized and everything and thanx for th eoutfit comment an dim not sure if there is nething else i can take that was the only thing i heard of that u can get with out a prescrition im glad the that website is doing well for u i love it as well def a lifesaver

stfusarah-aww thanx hun i dont think im tiny but thanx neway love u as well

needlesedge-aw thanx i like my outifts as well gotta b different.


  1. I hate when people hound me about opening a store credit card, so you're the kind of employee I'd like to be checking me out. Haha! Good for you for not being a robot that acts however "The Man" tells you to. Hee hee.

    Ahh, I'm sorry about you cutting your finger. That sounds like a nasty cut! Hope it's finally stopped bleeding!

    Ooh, I really like the hair color! Yay for hair changes. :)

  2. It's freaking COLD here too! I hate it. I wear the warmest clothes possible and sit at my desk with a space heater right next to me all day and yet I'm STILL cold. I've noticed it's much worse when I'm restricting.

    I'm like you in that I have to allow myself OPTIONS based on what I'm craving. Low-cal options of course! : )

    Your hair color is very pretty!

  3. Your hair is a gorgeous colour!!

    The fridge looks good to me--I wish ours was that organized, but no there's just crap packed in everywhere and most of it is expired or molding...

    Sucks about them making you push the credit cards at work. Brings back memories of working in Express! The manager was a total psycho and would scream at us and have emergency meetings if we weren't getting enough credit cards. I was like seriously biotch, everyone is poor right now, so no one wants to open a new credit card...

    Have a good night, hun. <3

  4. just wanted to let you know im half way through reading but have to get ready as i am late for college so will finish reading when im back home =]
    x evie x

  5. I love your hair colour- I am thinking of going dark and have been looking at Loreal casting creme gloss in black cherry- which seems to be a similar colour, but I am blonde at the moment so I think it might be a bit of a drastic change!

    I can totally understand you not being able to stick to plan- planning your calorie intake limit will be much easier to stick to I think.

    I'm freezing right now so am very jealous of your big fluffy blankie!

    Love x x x