Thursday, January 6, 2011


so i just got down watching "the yellow handkerchief" sucha great movie i waited almost 3years for it to come outon dvd :) its an indie movie staring kristen stewart, eddie redmayne, maria bello, and willam hurt. it finally was released on dvd jan 4th and i pre ordered it on amazona nd it came today god yay it was such a good movie im so glad that i fianlly got to c it it was so worth the wait but damn 3 years i waited but yay nomore waiting and in feb "welcome to the rileys" is coming out on dvd as well i preordered that one if neway hasnt noticed im a big kristen stewart fan ive liked her for years i have all her movies well almost all theres still some i need the harder ones to get but iw ill get them im deteremiend.

we had my 3 lil munchines today :) i coudlnt spend the hole day with them cause i had to work at 12 but i had them for a good 2 and half horus they make me so happy u have no idea the littlest one is msiling now and it just birghtens up my day i spent most of my time with him but also played with the other ones too. P did my makeup so i went to work with glitter on my face ha she got a lil barbie makeup case for xmas she bought it with er today and then i had a tickle fight with B. it was a good moring i love them somuch. i bought them stuff at work today i just coudlnt resist all the cute lil clothes. got P a blue plaid long sleeve dress with black tights, B got 2 shirts one is oragne has headphones on it other is like an animal shirt then i got the lil guy 2 onsies with cute pics of animals on them.

work was tiring as alwasy and boring its really slow now so time jsut drags but imnot runnign around like crazy i walk slower and everything but i still get really tired. no passing out today though but i did get really depressed at one [point realized i forgot to take my st johsn wort b4 i went in somymood like dropped. but work was boring and tireing but good i work tomm as well 11-7. today i got out 30 minutes early cause it was so slow buti bought my self 2 shirts off the clearance rack they will b big since they are smalls but hey bigger clothes smaller i look so win win.

the st johns wort does acutally work its like not a big difference but i can tell when imiss a dose how my mood is ur suppose to take 3 a day and i always take my moring and nite one but i have a habit of forgetting my middle of the day one an dmymood just drops so much i gotta stop forgetting the 2nd dose.

i fianlly folded my laundry i washed it like waht 2 days ago and its been sitting in the basket but yeah i folded it this moring b4 work and after work i cleaned my room up a lil for it wasnt so trashed.

my kindle stuff came from amazon as well got my lil carrying case and my gel skin i still gotta put the gel skin on but i got it yay me :)

so my exercsie for the day is 5 horus at work then i hour jogging in place while watching the movie i was gonna jog in place for the hoel movie but i just got to tired and weak and mu legs and back really started to hurt and so did my chest so i stopped. when i jog in place i usally keep my feet on teh ground and just move my legs really fast it doesnt make noise and u still get a good workotu.

its susppose to snow tonite or tomm no1 knows adn no1 knows how much we are suppose to get gotta love weather ppl they get paid to be wrong lol but i have off of wrok sat so if the weather isnt bad im thinkgin about ging to the gym and the grocery store wanna make a vegan dessert just gotta decide what one.

food log

*mug peppermint tea-0
*cup of veggie soup-45
*cup of chicken broth-10
*1 grands biscuit-180 ?

*2 ounces carrots- 20
*cup of veggie chicken broth-15
*handful skittles-?

*handful tositos-?
*sandwhich- 2 slices gluten free bread(180), 6 slices reduced sodium turkey(60), 2 stacker garlic pickles(0), spicy brown mustard(0), 2 slices tomato(5), slice of lettuce(2)
*mug of green tea


*hour jogging in palce-384 cals burned
*5 hours walking at work(retail work u know)-720 cals burned

i got those numbers from

*bestskinnybitchinworld-thanx huni was glad i didnt either

*lov2laff-nopeno doc i hate doctors and ihave no insurance so i cant got even if i wanted 2

*skeletonstrong-well i love reaidng ur blogs so of cours ei comment :) c its hard fro me i have been underweight my howl life highest was 115 and that was cause i started birth control i usually keep myself under 105 and the docs think its all nomral cause ive alwasy been like that. im working on my depression but i wihave a werid relationship with food always have and even atmy low weights it was never enough. u know what i mean but htanx hunny

*undesirablenumber1-yeah i dont mind the passing out part either its the feeling b4 hand that i fucking hate


  1. good job with the cals and work out today!

    I'm so hoping it snows more than 3inches tomorrow. I have a 7:30 bs meeting before work saturday so I'm hoping for another blizzard! Fingers crossed!

  2. Great job hun :D

    Ahh i love snow but i hope it doesn't snow here! It's such a bother for getting to and from work for me and i need the money!

    Stay strong! xx

  3. Snow is all over the place here. We get really bad inversions right before we get a storm, so it looks like more is on the way lol.

    Good job with the workout, and the low intake. =]
    I need a job so bad lol. That way I can buy all the food I need and none of the food that I don't lol

    Stay Strong, lovely =]

  4. the jogging in place is a good idea. I always use my treadmill but it would be nice to be able to watch tv or a movie!

  5. Hmm, I might have to check out The Yellow Handkerchief. I love weird indie movies.

    I'm so glad that the St. John's Wort is working for you. I've always wanted to try it, but I haven't been able to since it makes the birth control pill ineffective.

    I love snow! I hope my town gets some soon, too. :)

  6. after only eating fruit for the past four days your intake made my mouth water haha

  7. Well done, babe. Look after yourself!

  8. What's that film about? I love Maria Bello--she reminds me of Eva Marie Saint. Sucks when you're trying to get a hold of all of someones movies, 'cause there's always a few that are really hard to find. :/

    I think the weathermen are just guessing. Seriously, I could do a better job than they do! All they tell us is that it might snow sometime between 12 noon and 12 midnight, with between 1 - 12 inches. Like way to go there guys--a 3 year old could have predicted that just by looking at the sky. >_<