Friday, October 15, 2010



weight-102 lbs bmi-17 ew gross that was got to change and change quickly if u ask me

i feel so fat and gross adn bloated right now my sis came home for the wkd from college and everytime she comes home she makes me eat something and today it was mcdonlads m&m mcflurry i nearly puked just eating it me and dairy dont mix me and grease dont mix so yeah im not feeling to great right now and it took me 4ever to pick out an outfit cause everything i put on just made me look fat but im running out of time so i decided on that.

so yeah lik ei said my sis is home an divemissed her so much im glad she is home but damn can that girl its shes been home for aboit 3hours now and she has already eaten a plate of baked ziti, 2 hamburgers(mcdonalds), small fry(mcdonalds) and oreo mcflurry(mcdonalds).

i didnt want to eatmuch today ididnt wanna eat nething at all io never wanna eat the day after i purge an di was doing good and yup then sis comes home and that all goes out the window.
today had
*2 cups sodium free chicken broth-20
*peppermint tea
*half liter of water
*strawberry banana non dairy smoothie
*m&m mcflurry(ugh damn sister)

im not hungry at all an di really dotn wanna eat out tonite but i have no choice i will just have to make the best of it

my throat is sore my hole body hurts my one knuckle is still nice and red and my chest is killing me everytime i breathe to hard to laugh or cough i get the worse pain in it ever
and the broken blood vessesl on my face are still broken i was hoping they would b faded by now

i gotta go though finish getting ready i will read all ur blogs tomm and i will tell u about date nite as well
love ua ll


  1. ugh i know i need bmi 16 and some abs SO bad right now. And the whole freakin world is against us!

    Have fun at date nite! that sux you always have to eat out couldn't you guys go do something else once in a while?

  2. Hope you had a great date night! Your outfit looks awesome. :D