Friday, October 8, 2010


well heres the ever popular friday date nite outfit hopw u guys like

so im still 100 lbs of fatness i blame the fact that ive been eating likea pig this past week but that all stops tomm i would say today but i fucke dup like crazy 2day so it is labeled as a fuck it day but starting tomm im going back to 600 cals a day with exercise and only eatin gmy food that i bought no more eating the food my mom has bought. i need to c double digits and soon like really soon.

i don thave much word on the pills yet cause really i only took them last nite so its only one day so after i take them for a few days i will let u guys know but this monring i had a nice BM which is waht they are suppose to do anice cleansing pill so hopefully this keeps up i dont feel as bloated so they most b working

so im goign to the hgih school football game with the boy tonite usually he goes with hes broa nd he picks me up after for dinner but hes brother isnt going tonite so im going with him and then we have dinner o just lovely as ifi havent already eaten enough today ugh but i will get thru it

my wrist is sore and slightly swollen think i sprained it and my lovely knee is starting to go again it gave out of me after teh gym nearly fell in the hallway but i caught the wall b4 i completely feel my moms like wtf im like knee mother but yeah i knew it was gonna go again eventaully

*65 min elly-465 cals burned
*20 min of crunches


  1. you look super cute :) nd have the most amazing legs <3
    sucks that you havent been having a very good week (neither have it :/)
    hope your wrist gets better!


  2. jealous of your stick legs <3
    sorry love. hope you have fun tonight regardless.

    oh no! I hope you knee gets better, try and stay off it so you wont be out of commission longer!

  3. Your legs are gorgeous!!! I would wear miniskirts all the time if I had legs like those :P

    Dates are hard, because they almost always involve food, but you'll get through xxx

  4. you look lovely. hope your knee and wrist get better soon. xo

  5. such a cute outfit! i love the colors and your boots are freaking awesome!

    hope you have lots of fun!