Sunday, October 10, 2010


so im not feeling that good today i didnt sleep last nite mayb an hour tops and it wasnt even all at once it was in like shifts. my head is all cloudy and im shaky. i thought mayb it was my sugar so i had some cookies to bring it up yeah it just made it worse it made my stomach hurt and im nasouses. and now my chest hurts and my heart is pounding in my ears and throat. so today is a lazy day watching tv manly the law and order marathon. i cant concentrate for the life of me ugh so yeah im all over the place today. im hoping i feel better tomm for i can go to the gym and burn off the cookies.
tomm is gonna start fruit,veggies,salad, soup and toast thats all im allowed to eat during the day no dairy or eggs or meat unless its in the canned soup i bought. but i wanna lose weigth no i need to lose weight b4 the wkd im tired of being stuck at 100 lbs

so heres some thinspo i was in a punchy arty mood really idk what kind of mood but i though they looked really cool and different loved the angles and crops and everything


  1. holy crap i LOVE law&order marathons. I watch it constantly on netflix too, along with Bones XD

    and love the thinspo <3 i need legs like that!

  2. lovely thinspo <333 really what i needed!
    and im sure that you'll be under 100 real soon :)

  3. Great thinspo! I hope you start to feel better. Sucks when you can't sleep!

  4. even when i'm a fail blogger you comment and are so kind. thank you:)
    and the thinspo is beautiful!